Gold Bullion Investment Nets a 122 Percent Return

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$10,000 investment in gold bullion in 1999 grows to $22,205 by 2006 delivering an amazing 122 percent increase

What we've experienced so far is the first phase of what's shaping up as one of the great bull markets of our time.

Top gold investment advisor Kevin DeMeritt of Lear Financial, Inc., the parent company of Gold Central, one of the top gold coin companies in the U.S. states, said, "What we've experienced so far is the first phase of what's shaping up as one of the great bull markets of our time."

"This isn't the novice investor buying American Eagle gold coins. This isn't the mutual funds buying gold. This isn't your neighbor buying gold. This is the big money, the wealthy, and the people around the world who know what's going on who are buying gold," adds Kevin.

Despite its correction from $730 to the current level, gold is still up 12 percent year-to-date compared with a gain of 7 percent for the S&P 500.

"I honestly believe that over the next few years gold coins and silver will significantly outperform U.S. financial assets," said DeMeritt.

Since the beginning of the gold bull market, Gold Central's technical analysis has been pointing to the out-of-whack low gold to Dow ratio as a reason why gold should outperform stocks in the next ten years. Ultimately, the only way to make money in an investment is to buy low and sell high. When comparing gold and stocks, it is clear that now is the time to move five to ten percent of assets into gold.

Diversifying a portfolio with gold bullion provides investors a better long-term profit strategy. Gold coins offer privacy from government intrusion, safety in a crisis, and a proven way to add leverage to your gold and silver portfolio. Best of all, investing in U.S. gold coins offers some of the lowest downside risk and highest upside potential seen in decades.

With OPEC's commitment to higher prices and the geopolitical uncertainty in the Middle East, there is the very real prospect that global oil supplies will diminish while demand will increase from emerging economies in India and China.

This increased demand will significantly drive up the price of a barrel of oil and subsequently gold prices will skyrocket.

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Gold Central, a division of the internationally renowned precious metals asset firm Lear Financial, Inc., is dedicated to providing Web investors with all the pertinent information and tools needed to securely purchase, sell and trade gold online. offers a diverse suite of intelligent investment resources including real-time pricing, regular e-mail alerts, newsletters, and a live staff available to answer real-world questions. Gold Central not only enables investors to stay current on the latest developments in the gold market, but also gives investors the flexibility to move gold as expeditiously as conventional paper investments.


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