Nutraloid Labs Announces Trademark Patent Registration for Bicep Bomber

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Nutraloid Labs, A New York State Sports Nutrition and Workout Equipment Company proudly announces receiving a United States Trademark Patent Registration for their Bicep Bomber. Unlike other bicep workout products, receiving the trademark patent places the Bicep Bomber in a class of its own.

Nutraloid Labs Inc., owner of Goliath Labs, Colossal Labs and Herberex Inc., is a New York State based Sports Nutrition, Home Gym Equipment and Male Enhancement Supplement Company. After months of testing, upgrades and durability improvements, the Bicep Bomber has recently received a United States Trademark Patent Registration. Unlike other bicep curl tools, Nutraloid Labs reports they placed an emphasis on comfort, stability and lower back support in their upgrade.        

According to CEO and owner of Nutraloid Labs, “Regularly using the Bicep Bomber is an inexpensive way to achieve “preacher” like isolation to your biceps. We’re proud to receive our trademark patent registration and want weightlifters to know, it’s made in America and tough as the weightlifters who use it.”    

Satisfied customers, in their product reviews, have reported the device being highly effective in its capacity to isolate the bicep region, requiring minimal space compared to bench style pieces of equipment and is far less expensive. Unlike other similar products, the Bicep Bomber has extra arm padding reducing triceps contact on the downward motion of the curl and has easy to adjust straps for proper alignment of your posture during your exercise.

The Bomber enables a bodybuilder to keep their elbows motionless during the exercise maximizing the focal workload on their bicep region. Given its unique design, the Bomber prevents the sway of elbows and prevents the natural tendency of the back muscles taking a portion of the load. By removing all involvement of the back, the Bicep Bomber forces the weightlifters biceps to handle the full weight of the barbell. The device is simple to use and the weightlifter will immediately experience difficulty performing the same exercise with the same weight.

The Bicep Bomber is designed to wrap around the arms and mid-section, while keeping the back and elbows locked in a static curling position. By preventing the usage of the elbows and back muscles, it forces the biceps to handle the entire workload and stabilizes posture. The Bomber forces the biceps to manage the total weight workload while preventing posture rocking. Although having no bearing on the results the Bicep Bomber achieves, consumers can feel satisfied that this home gym equipment device is 100% manufactured in the United States of America. This American made workout tool boasts many benefits including    

1. A webbed nylon belt and pads designed for bicep workouts.
2. Designed for maximum isolation on biceps and the chest area.
3. Consistently isolates the arms and shoulders while performing curls.
4. Confirmed by professionals as being used for intensive bicep workouts.
5. A Nylon belt with a 1,000 lb. capacity.                                    
6. An oversized neoprene neck pad to prevent triceps contact.
7. Constructed dense elbow pads for comfort, stability and lower back support.                
8. A lifetime warranty for any malfunctions.
9. A guarantee the user will experience multiple bicep breakthrough size plateaus.
10. A design to enhance maximum stability forcing the elbows and shoulders to maintain a static position.
11. Constructed to lock the back and elbows in perfect curling position for efficiency.
12. To ensure durability, constructed with a four rivet system.

About Nutraloid Labs Inc.

Nutraloid Labs Inc., owner of Goliath Labs, Colossal Labs and Herberex Inc., is a New York State based Sports Nutrition, Home Gym Equipment and Male Enhancement Supplement Company. They offer for wholesale, retail and private label their proprietary blend dietary supplements. In addition to sports nutrition and natural male enhancement supplements, Nutraloid Labs also acquired ownership in 2010 of an innovative work out tool called the Bicep Bomber and now proud to have trademarked this highly proficient exercise belt. All Nutraloid Labs Inc. dietary supplements are manufactured under a strict GMP certified manufacturing process using high quality naturopathic ingredients. In addition to being manufactured in GMP certified facilities and made in the USA, all Nutraloid Labs Inc. products are compliant with dietary supplement regulations set forth by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Bart Panessa
Chief Executive Officer
Nutraloid Labs Inc.

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