Free StockRing iPhone App Gives Buy-Sell-Hold Ratings for 1200 Stocks from Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Services and Technology Sectors

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StockRing just released its newest iPhone App in Apple iTunes store that provides Buy-Sell-Hold ratings for over 1000 NYSE & NASDAQ stocks including all 30 Dow Jones stocks. The ratings are updated DAILY by proprietary StockRing mathematical algorithm designed by StockRing founder and mathematician - Eric Katsov and used to manage many real life stock portfolios.

StockRing just made available its latest iPhone App in Apple iTunes store for immediate downloads. StockRing App monitors about 1200 stocks and provides Buy-Sell-Hold recommendations for them. The ratings are generated daily a few hours before NYSE and Nasdaq stock markets open at 9:30am EST Monday through Friday each week.

Imagine, that at any time investor can check with iPhone StockRing App and receive fresh accurate reliable straight forward advice on what to do with Dow Jones, Nasdaq or S&P 500 indexes or with some particular stock – Buy? Sell? or Hold? StockRing ratings are on average 80% accurate based on prior history meaning that out of 10 stocks that StockRing predicted to Buy – 8 actually went up in price and only 2 went down. However, the accuracy could vary from stock to stock based on the current market conditions and general level of volatility.

Search for a specific stock Buy-Sell-Hold rating is very easy inside the App, because all stocks are divided into 6 smaller groups: Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Services, Technology, and Dow 30+. Each group has 200 stocks from the same industry like for Finance or Healthcare or from the same Dow Jones Index like Dow 30+. So if Microsoft stock Buy-Sell-Hold rating needs to be looked up, the user just has to go to Technology group inside the App.

All stocks in the group are listed in alphabetical order based on their stock symbol – for example in the technology group Apple stock will be located at the top of the list and Wal-Mart stock will be at the bottom of the list correspondingly.

Also, each list of stock ratings comes with a search capability. Basically investor could search for some stock by just entering either stock symbol or stock name into the iPhone such as you could enter either the word “Microsoft” or the company stock ticker and the App will find and display the Buy-Sell-Hold rating just for Microsoft stock.

Inside each list the App has filters that will allow the user to see just the stocks with Buy ratings from Technology group or with just “SELL” rating from Healthcare group. By using these filters the user could clearly see where the market is going and which stocks to buy on the exchange today.

Also, the App has 2 extra buttons called “BUY” and “SELL” that will display for user all stocks from all groups that have either a Buy rating or a Sell rating. These global “BUY” and “SELL” lists might have up to 500 stocks listed in them but because each list has individual search capabilities the user could still quickly find the rating for a particular stock. “BUY” and “SELL” buttons are useful if you are holding a stock like Google and want to know if it suddenly received a “SELL” rating. To do that, you just push the “SELL” button on the App main screen and search in the Global “SELL” list for Google. If Google is not there then this stock does not have a “SELL” rating and investor could safely continue to hold it in the portfolio.

However if a user is thinking about buying Microsoft stock then there is an ability to find out the best time to do the purchase. With this App investor just taps the “BUY” button on the main screen and search in the Global “BUY” list for Microsoft. If Microsoft stock is there then the stock has a “BUY” rating and Microsoft stock should be bought for the portfolio.

In this version StockRing went even further to make users more successful on the stock markets by introducing 2 NEW RATINGS: “GRAB” and “DUMP” besides the usual “BUY”, “SELL”, and “HOLD”. In short “GRAB” is better than “BUY” and “DUMP” is worse than “SELL”. In other words if one of the stocks received a “DUMP” rating, it should be considered to be sold as soon as possible. If a stock received just a “SELL” rating then investor could wait for a 2-3 days to see if the rating will be changed back to “HOLD” or even “BUY” and if not, than consider selling the stock at that time.

If a stock received a “GRAB” rating that means it should be bought pretty much immediately. If stock received just a “Buy” rating then the user could wait for a 2-3 days to see if the rating will be changed back to “HOLD” or even “SELL” and if not, than consider buying the stock at that time. is a financial research company that designs search engines for the stock market, as well as serves private clients and companies with investment advice about their holdings via Buy-Sell-Hold recommendations generated weekly via email status reports: personalized investment advice is offered to clients who manage their own portfolios of stocks and mutual funds including 401(k) and 403(b) plans. Each week subscribers receive a status report with Buy-Sell-Hold ratings assigned to all their holdings via email and also on StockRing web site that rates over 45,000 stocks and mutual funds traded in USA and Canada.

StockRing Premium service is specifically designed for clients who mostly invest into 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans offered by their employers. Today subscribers can submit to StockRing up to 50 mutual funds that their 401k allows them to invest in and receive weekly status reports with the best funds out of possible 50 to buy right now. Sample StockRing reports:

StockRing 401(k) services minimize the employee’s risk of losing money in mutual funds and actually increases employee’s investment returns through timely regular weekly reviews of client’s 401(k) current holdings and the rest of the available options offered through their 401(k) plans. StockRing is the only company that offers such extensive investment advice via 52 weekly reviews and email alerts per year for 401(k) and 403(b) customers. More on StockRing services:

StockRing currently rates 99% of all mutual funds available in USA including funds from Fidelity, T. Rowe Price, Vanguard, American Funds, American Century, Dodge Cox, Janus, Oppenheimer, Franklin, Artisan, Dreyfus, AIM, John Hancock, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Van Wagoner, Morgan Stanley, and many more.

In the past, Eric Katsov - software engineer, founder and president of, has been employed to design and maintain financial software applications for companies such as Price Waterhouse Coopers, Salomon Brothers, and IBM. For more information please visit

More on StockRing:
Phone: 1-800-656-4210

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