Another Wild Goose Chase, LLC Launches Goose Control Franchise in St. Louis, MO

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Wild Goose Chase, Inc., the leader in avian wildlife management, recently launched a St. Louis franchise to provide goose management to public and private organizations having problems with nuisance geese.

Border Collies are specially trained herding dogs that are extremely effective for keeping geese out of areas where they are considered a problem.

Susan Hagberg, Wild Goose Chase (WGC) founder, pioneered a whole new category in the avian wildlife sector. WGC is one of the first companies to develop an “integrated approach” which has proven most effective and humane in managing bird populations according to the Wildlife Society. Now, Susan and Charlie Hubbard, franchise owner and operators of Another Wild Goose Chase-St. Louis offer Missouri customers these services to better manage the negative impact of wild Canada geese, sea gulls and other migratory birds on their properties.

Founded in 1998, through experience and research, Wild Goose Chase, Inc. developed a goose management approach that is successful and conscientious. The Wild Goose Chase integrated system combines several techniques and services, including a Border Collie Chase program, goose deterrents and landscape modification to minimize the destructive, and sometimes even dangerous, migratory bird problems. These goose control methods are customized for each location and customer. They are administered with a complete respect of the laws and regulations protecting Canada geese.

Complexities of urban goose issues and the current limitations of available techniques make a quick-fix for goose problems very unlikely. Protection from hunters has proven beneficial in bringing back what was once a dwindling goose population. Factors such as climate change and urban sprawl have helped to manifest a new phenomenon – year round goose residency.

Human conflicts with geese arise for many reasons. Droppings can accumulate quickly because one Canada goose defecates 28 times per day creating the potential for environmental problems and risk to human health. They can destroy a lawn with trampling and their droppings can create problems leading to an over abundance of nitrogen that encourages algae to grow in ponds. Geese are very aggressive toward people and pets during nesting season or when goslings are still present.

Canada goose management is essential for many businesses and owners of properties with open green areas. Another Wild Goose Chase-St. Louis provides customized, integrated solutions for Canada geese control within Missouri.


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