Home Brewed Gourmet Coffee in Washable Travel Mugs Reduces Styrofoam Cup Waste

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Styrofoam coffee cup waste has has increased dramatically because we've altered our morning routine to include quick stops for a fresh brewed coffee. Millions of disposable styrofoam cups are tossed in the trash and dumped in local landfills. Those who brew fresh coffee at home and carry coffee in washable thermal mugs are being environmentally responsible.

“There are significant health and environmental risks associated with Styrofoam, as well as additional costs associated with increased waste removal.”

U.S. consumers toss out millions of styrofoam cups daily, which are not bio-degradable, when they consume gourmet coffee daily from local coffee shops. The issue has become a political football on Capitol Hill this week, according to the Wall Street Journal. House Republican, Dan Lungren ended a program that required use of recyclable paper cups to save $475,000 in House Administration costs and this brought back polystyrene litter around the Congressional cafeteria. Democrats have fired back, according to the Wall Street Journal "Washington Wire" blog:

“The desire to save a few pennies should never come at the expense of jeopardizing staff, members and visitors’ health,” the lawmakers, led by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D., Ore.), write. “There are significant health and environmental risks associated with Styrofoam, as well as additional costs associated with increased waste removal.”

Meanwhile, consumers could contribute toward limiting styrofoam waste by brewing their own gourmet coffee at home and carrying the morning cup of joe in reusable travel mugs. Online coffee retailer Tastes of the World suggests using thermal travel coffee tumblers to carry the daily morning cup of Joe to the office.

A thermos of home brewed Java can serve as a second morning treat for the morning coffee break. Carrying gourmet coffee to the office in reusable containers helps to reduce polystyrene waste and contributing to the litter of discarded styrofoam cups, which have proven nearly impossible to recycle. Paper cups have also proven difficult to recycle due to the plastic coating required on paper coffee cups

Last year, the Boston Globe covered the efforts of coffee retailers Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts when the two joined forces to work on a recyclable cup solution to reduce the use of disposable cups. That same story mentioned that coffee shop retailers joined with cup makers earlier last year on Earth Day at an MIT "cup summit" to look for industry-wide solutions. Unfortunately, the best suggestion was reducing disposable cup use and simply suggests that they encourage consumers to use their own durable mugs.

Home brewed coffee transported in durable containers can save two or more paper or styrene cups per day if coffee lovers use that travel mug for a second cup during the afternoon. Buying coffee refills in your own cup is often cheaper as well as more environmentally responsible, because coffee shops often charge as much as 20 cents less for the same coffee if the customer brings their own cup or re-uses a disposable.

To keep styrofoam out of landfills everyone could brew at coffee at home, carry that daily coffee in thermal mugs and refill those durable cups in the afternoon - Tastes of the World Gourmet Coffee online encourages everyone to use travel cups.

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