ProtectPlus GPS Now Offering Groundbreaking Technology in State of the Art Digital Protection GPS

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How to reduce fuel cost and delivery time while tracking and protecting any vehicle 24/7--"ProtectPlus GPS provides peace of mind protection with the precise location and monitoring of any vehicle 24/7". This state of the art affordable system reduces fuel cost, improves delivery times and has an exceptional ROI.

I trust my employees, but I elected to enhance my fleet with Millennium Plus. GPS tracking isn't about doubting my employees -- it's about running our business more efficiently and offering our customers the best service possible.

ProtectPlus GPS is now offering groundbreaking technology in a state of the art digital protection Global Positioning System (GPS). The Millennium Plus is an Internet based vehicle monitoring and tracking unit; the first of its kind to be offered publicly, for all cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles. Deregulation by the FCC of telecommunications services has made GPS/cellular technology available to the public to deliver an affordable tracking device which uses existing cellular airwaves. It is very affordable, may qualify for an insurance discount and provides features designed to benefit businesses with an exceptional ROI.

The Millennium Plus Mobile Locating Unit (MLU) utilizes a constellation of satellites sending precise navigation and position information to the GPS receiver. This perfect marriage of technologies enables system users to track and contact vehicles at any time of day or night via any standard web browser or telephone. In the event a car is stolen, an email and/or a cell phone call can be issued immediately, and the unit owner can disable the vehicle starter and lock the doors. It provides an alert if a speed limit is exceeded plus many other custom features.

Millennium Plus offers affordable safety and security:
"This is the first time virtually anyone can afford to track their valuable assets and loved ones. From a teen-aged driver out late at night, to the stolen car, Millennium Plus delivers answers to the question "Where?" within seconds, and all via the Internet or telephone. This truly revolutionary security and safety technology grants benefits through peace of mind and a better night's sleep for all Millennium Plus owners."

GPS is the perfect solution for small fleet owners:
One customer states, "I trust my employees, but I elected to enhance my fleet with Millennium Plus. GPS tracking isn't about doubting my employees -- it's about running our business more efficiently and offering our customers the best service possible." With fuel prices on the rise, the benefits of this technology are evident. "On the whole, Millennium Plus has increased our productivity significantly and reduced our fuel consumption. Millennium Plus definitely delivers in terms of ROI."

A ROI Case study of a Millennium Plus Customer
Parkwest landscape is a medium sized maintenance and construction business headquartered in Anaheim California, with fourteen additional locations through California, Nevada, and Arizona. They utilize a growing fleet of 200 plus vehicles, and with an ever growing appetite for fuel Parkwest knew they were losing money not only in fuel waste, but productivity and vehicle misuse. Like many fleets today Parkwest decided to investigate GPS tracking as a way to assist in managing their fleet. After a comprehensive search and many presentations; Parkwest selected the Millennium-Plus GPS tracking system. Following a simple installation process Parkwest was ready to start really managing their fleet and whittling their costs down.

Fuel Savings

With gas prices out of control, Parkwest's fuel expenses where exploding. They knew that had to eliminate excessive idling. According to the Truck Management Council, one hour of idling is equivalent to a gallon and a half of gas per vehicle. Plus with this knowledge and utilizing the Mplus Vehicle Performance report, Parkwest was able to virtually eliminate unnecessary idling.

Speeding is always a concern primarily for safety, but an excessive speeder will waste more fuel, than law abiding drivers. Parkwest utilizes the Mplus real-time speed violation feature to eliminate speeding across the entire fleet. Any time a driver speeds, a text message is sent to the Risk Manager with the drivers name and speed. The risk manager simply utilizes their companies two way feature on their cell phones and tells the offending driver to slow down.

Fuel Cards, Mileage and Odometers
Fueling a fleet with so many locations leads to unique issues. Parkwest, like many fleets, utilizes fuel cards to ensure drivers have access to fuel when needed. Importing the fuel cards data can be confusing, especially when incorporating their data with drivers recorded data. Is the driver being honest? Is he forging the data, knowing he can compensate before the annual audit? Is he selling the companies fuel at the pump to random drivers?

Parkwest knew that this was an issue so they had us merge our "miles driven report data" with the fuel cards report to give them an estimated MPG per vehicle, very simple and easy to use. The result: they were able to flag the drivers that where stealing fuel in almost real time.

Utilizing these features combined with trip reports, geo fencing, and vehicle history reports; Parkwest was able to reduce their fuel costs by $110,000 in the first quarter of 2008 as compared to the same quarter in 2007. This does not account for the 80% increase in fuel costs from the same period the previous year.

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