A Brand New Wonder Mud that Rejuvenates, Relaxes and Invigorates

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A Father turns over to his son the dream of making rocks to facials. These green facials are changing the facial care marketplace.

Who would have thought that a rock from my birthplace would have such a dramatic and helpful effect for so many, so many years later.

A Wonder Mud from a Special Rock is now in the U.S.

When Manuel DeSousa moved to this country 20 years ago, he had no idea that he'd be knee deep in mud in America almost 3 decades later. Born in Argentina, a soccer player there, he later moved around the Western Hemisphere in search of what every young man seeks, fun, fortune and adventure.

After a 20 year cleaning business success in Florida, Manuel looked for another project that involved something more natural than cleaning offices, one that he could involve his son in. Always interested in mineralogy, in 2005 Manuel remembered years ago as a student, driving deep in the foothills of the Mendoza Mountains in the Andes Mountain Range of Argentina, bordering Chile, when he saw what looked like a military installation set in the side of one of the mountains. Upon closer investigation, he stumbled upon a government secured mine. The National Administration of Medical Technology, Food and Drugs under the supervision of The Health Ministry of the Republic of Argentina was guarding a valuable raw material, Phyllite. an incredibly mineral-rich rock made from deposits of sedimentary material. The original Phyllite rock is not available in its mined form in America.

For many generations, the Argentine people have utilized this rare, nutrient rich mud to enhance their beauty and rejuvenate their skin-health, utilizing this virgin clay for hundreds of years, to both invigorate and help cleanse impurities from their skin. The health and beauty benefits of clay can be tracked back to the dawn of civilization. The modern use of the healing and cosmetic attributes of certain clays, is just a new version of an ancient all-in-one product. This incredible clay only required a little water to be brought back to life again.

All clay is volcanic ash. As lava flows from the volcanic cone, the ash is blown high into the atmosphere and settles to the ground. The mineral results from the fragmentation of rocks that have been carried by water flows until they settled in a place where the dragging force is lower. This concentration creates a superior mineral composition with a higher silica content than any other material. Silica has an important role in the bone, vascular, nervous and respiratory systems. Its action on elastic fibers is fundamental and takes part in the constitution of tendons, skins and facias. It is the best remineralizing agent on earth. Silica is the glue that holds your cells together. From Phyllite, the mineral Smectite is extracted. Mined as a pure natural aggregate and ground into a mixable form through a highly controlled process and protected environment, this special green Smectite clay may be the finest earth on earth.

It only took Manuel 30 years to put the dots… or rocks together. If those mines were still working and he could procure a contract to crush, clean and process the material, he could have the highest quality natural health clay in America! Terrageena is born! (Latin: Earth & clean ) After obtaining special licensing and a half million dollars later, the DeSousa's Terrageena International sells this wonder mud to Spas all over the world. Paul DeSousa, 27 is now President, based in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Nowadays, clay far from falling into disuse, re-emerges for an educated public which is eager for soft, efficient and natural therapies. Since this 100% natural facial clay has no additives, preservatives or artificial colors, Manuel knew he had a winner. He states they take great care to maintain the final product's purity. With modern processing, this special green, smectite facial clay reaches American faces with the natural biochemical components completely intact. The clay is also naturally odor free & non-irritating, Hypoallergenic, good for sensitive skin, for face or your entire body.

Paul said "this clay is remarkable, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne, scars and other blemishes leading to softer, cleaner healthier skin" and "A friend applied it to burns he received when grilling last summer, and he said there was no swelling and there was no pain usually associated with bad burns." "Though we're boasting it's cosmetic effects, the topical therapy it provides is profound and ancient. With this clay you are providing organic nutrients directly into your skin. It just comes this way, we don't add anything to it."

Manuel concluded, "Who would have thought that a rock from my birthplace would have such a dramatic and helpful effect for so many, so many years later."

To learn more of the remarkable therapeutic benefits of clays from around the world, visit http://www.terrageena.com


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