Energy Technology Paves the Way for Increased Performance and Gas Mileage in All Motor Vehicles

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There is a new fuel saving technology on the market that is helping consumers save gas, money and the environment. The technology is different in that a patch is placed on the fuel line which helps to eliminate hydrocarbon clumping resulting in better fuel economy and increased performance.

The Bio-EnerChi Fuel Patch has just been released to the public. The patch works to eliminate hydrocarbon clumping and keep fuel from degrading. The end result is a vehicle that gets better gas mileage and runs better.

EcoRadiant Technology ( is pleased to announce the unveiling of a product that is sure to take drivers by storm. The Bio-EnerChi Fuel Patch is like no other product on the market today. Because of that, it has received a large amount of interest from vehicle owners.

Hydrocarbon clumping and fuel degradation lead to poor gas mileage and poor performance. Up until now, the issue has not been seriously addressed. Many people did not even realize the problem existed. With the patch, the issue is not only being focused on, but there is a solution as well.

By using a patch to fix the problem, drivers can get more out of their vehicles. They can eliminate the problems with clumping and fuel degrading, which leads to a vehicle that is much more efficient.

When people buy the patch, they can stick it on their gas line or fuel pump. This is not like the magnets of the past. This patch uses energy to stick to the pump. It is not the same as, or even similar to, a magnet. The two use completely different types of technology.

Once the patch is connected, it offers vehicle owners many different things. First, they will enjoy improved gas mileage. The gas mileage will increase as soon as the patch is applied. Users of the patch start saving on gas immediately. When the patch is used along with other gas saving technologies offered by EcoRadiant Technology (, the savings is even greater.

While people are pleased with the increase in gas mileage, it is not the only thing the patch offers.

The patch also offers improved horsepower and engine performance. Vehicles run better when they have the patch on. Studies have shown a marked increase in performance for vehicles that use the patch.
The engine runs cooler when the patch is used, and the performance and longevity of the engine are preserved. Those who use the patch can expect to pay less in repair bills.

In addition, the patch causes vehicles to release fewer emissions. These patches greatly reduce the impact of vehicles on the environment. Those who want to have a positive impact on the environment are turning to the patch to help them do that.

The patches can be used for gasoline, diesel fuel, and propane. In addition, they are not only for cars and trucks. Any item with a motor, such as a boat or a lawnmower, can use the patch.

Those who would like to get more information about the Bio-EnerChi Fuel Patch or would like to make a purchase can go to

EcoRadiant Technology offers a wide range of environmentally friendly products. They offer household supplies, as well as supplies for vehicles and plants. Supplies can be purchased on their website or through a distributor.

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