SuperLocker Reviews Reveals Best Stealth Grow Box

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SuperLocker reviews reveals the best stealth grow box of 2012 to be the SuperLocker 2.0, the system that gained instant fame by winning “Best Budget Grow Box” and “Most Stealth Grow Cabinet” right when it hit the market. The SuperLocker 3.0 is a fully automated, fully contained, odor free, complete system that blends in perfectly in any apartment, home, or garage. It fits in so well because its exterior resembles that of a common gym locker, and at 18 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 66 inches tall, it can slide in just about anywhere. This discreet grow box is powder coated black with a high gauge, high density metal, so that you cannot even feel the heat from the cabinet with your hand right up against the door. The cabinet is completely light proof, locks up tightly so that no intruders can get in, and has an activated carbon filter so that no odor escapes the grow box.

SuperLocker Reviews Nominates the SuperLocker 3.0: The Best Stealth Grow Box of 2012

SuperLocker Reviews Nominates the SuperLocker 3.0: The Best Stealth Grow Box of 2012

Opening up the SuperLocker 3.0 grow cabinet the user finds not one, but two chambers for both vegetating and flowering all types of plants, from the smallest to largest herbs and vegetables. The two chamber system also means the ability to have a continual harvest, meaning that while plants are flowering down below, there are new clippings that have been cloned, vegetating in the veggie chamber above. Seeds or clones will never be needed again, and nearly a month or more of vegetating time will be saved, so that when plants are finished flowering below, there are new large vegetating plants that are sized to immediately start flowering to continue harvesting seamlessly. Taking clones from these new ones in the flower chamber and in two months another surprisingly large harvest of fruits, vegetables, or herbs will be ready.

Yields are much larger, around 2-5X bigger and faster, than any soil method or traditional method due to their innovative SuperPonics hydroponic systems this SuperLocker 2.0 comes with. The vegetative chamber features the mini SuperCloner and the flowering chamber features the Superponics-8. SuperPonics fully automated hydro systems fuse together the best of different hydroponic methods, being a mix of top feed, aeroponics, bubbleponics, ebb n’ flow, and Deep Water Culture. This allows one to grow like a pro even on the first attempt. The SuperLocker 2.0 grow cabinet comes fully assembled, is fully automated, and even comes with a free “Super Grow Tips” DVD, and lifetime customer service and grow support. This SuperLocker 2.0 special also includes, for a limited time only, a full TechnaFlora hydroponic nutrient package, a TDS meter to monitor nutrients, a PH kit, a net trellis for up to 40% bigger yields, a 150, 250 HPS, or Procyon 100 LED, on a yo-yo for maximum photosynthetic penetration, and the automated ability to leave for up to an entire week at a time. This special runs for a very limited time.

About SuperCloset:
SuperCloset takes the guesswork out of growing through manufacturing the most innovative and customer friendly hydroponic systems and turnkey grow box units. After 10 years SuperCloset continues to lead the horizontal and vertical growing industry with its commitment to excellent products and world-class customer service.

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