Guidance Consulting Increases IT Staffing Options

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Although economic downturns adversely affect staffing ratios, IT support firm Guidance Consulting has discovered a way for businesses and IT professionals to succeed. By tapping into a bigger pool of applicants and filling employment holes left by layoffs, company experts feel certain IT staffing continuity can be achieved.

We get a lot more applicants with impressive and well-rounded resumes, which means better options for companies looking for some part-time or temporary help.

Georgia-based IT staffing and support firm Guidance Consulting offers a wide range of services that include temporary and permanent job placement. Historically, staffing firms have been among those hardest hit by a slow economic crunch. After all, many companies first cut temporary employees before turning to their own employees for layoffs. According to Daniel Gottilla, senior consultant at Guidance Consulting, this can actually translate into stronger, more specialized staffing placement for companies in need of support.

“When the job market is flooded with recent layoffs, a few things happen,” says Gottilla. “First of all, we get a lot more applicants with impressive and well-rounded resumes, which means better options for companies looking for some part-time or temporary help. But we also get an incredible opportunity to specialize and reach out to niche markets. This is an unexpected benefit for everyone involved.”

This trend makes sense. In good economic times, most of the temporary staffers available are jacks-of-all-trade, able to adapt to a variety of settings in almost any business. In these tough times, companies can get pickier and more specialized, and still find perfect candidates within their budgets.

“For example, imagine a company laid off a worker in the IT department who just happened to handle a once-a-month upgrade that requires a technical skill only he or she had,” explains Gottilla. “While the company might be able to fill the general gap left by that employee, that specialized technical skill is still required. And we most likely have someone on board who can step right in and make the necessary adjustments.”

Firms like Guidance Consulting have the added benefit of offering IT consulting on top of their staffing options. Companies that need a one-time consult or simply to outsource their vulnerability needs have additional recourse outside of traditional staffing or temporary staffing. “A company like ours is adaptable to the needs of our clients,” Gottilla asserts. “When times are tough, we can step and provide whatever it is you need to get by.”

About Guidance Consulting

Guidance Consulting is a technology solutions firm offering a range of services related to technology, infrastructure development, and general information technology consulting.

For over 15 years, Guidance Consulting has been delivering profitable technology results to everything from small, private firms to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to meeting employment and staffing needs, Guidance Consulting implements a wide range of IT solutions that help companies to cut costs, increase productivity, and avoid damages associated with vulnerability issues to get the most out of the current technologies available for businesses of all sizes.

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