Guidance Consulting Releases Annual Risk Assessment Recommendations

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Georgia-based information technology support company Guidance Consulting has begun a new program to equip businesses with their own skills to assess and address information security issues. This program comes at a time when saving money without sacrificing quality is at the top of every business's list.

When it comes to the information technology field, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to anything

In the field of information technology, opinions on risk assessment and vulnerability management protocols are as varied as the companies offering them. Guidance Consulting, a leading provider of IT consulting and staffing support services, weighs in with a few recommendations of their own.

“When it comes to the information technology field, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to anything,” advises Guidance Consulting senior consultant Daniel Gottilla. “For some companies, a risk assessment performed every three years is adequate. For others, twice yearly might be a more realistic solution. There is simply no way to create an industry standard that works for everyone.”

This information is something that Guidance Consulting has been trying to make clear to the public for years. All too often, technology experts disagree on what makes a company infrastructure really safe. Is a risk assessment required on every new system as it is acquired? Is an annual self-assessment adequate as a way to maintain a system?

“No matter what anyone promises, the only way for an IT professional to answer these questions is to see and understand the system for him or herself,” warns Gottilla. “It all depends on the company's network, industry, size, future technological needs, and even the staff it relies on, on a daily basis.”

The reason for this variability is simple: the field of information technology is much more human-oriented than it first appears. “When companies are considering anything technology-based, there is a common misconception that there are easy answers to everything,” says Gottilla. “After all, you're talking about a field that is all about numbers and equations. But the truth is that information technology is very much dependent on people.”

These people come in all forms. Companies have to consider their employees, the person(s) who developed their infrastructure, the hackers and virus programmers who target them, their IT consultants, and even their customers. With all these unknowns, it's important to note that the path to information security isn't quite as easy as most companies would like to think. And sometimes, all it really takes is a human hand to smooth things out.

“We're a smaller company with a much more personalized approach,” adds Gottilla. “We understand both the human element and the technological element. And it works.”

About Guidance Consulting

Guidance Consulting is a technology solutions firm offering a range of services related to technology, infrastructure development, and general information technology consulting.

For over 15 years, Guidance Consulting has been delivering profitable technology results to everything from small, private firms to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to meeting employment and staffing needs, Guidance Consulting implements a wide range of IT solutions that help companies to cut costs, increase productivity, and avoid damages associated with vulnerability issues to get the most out of the current technologies available for businesses of all sizes.

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