Zerran International Launches Reallisse™ Vegan Hair Smoothing System at ISSE

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Vegan Hair Care Innovator Marks 25 Years in Pro Beauty and Salon Industry with a New Hair Smoothing Treatment Free of Formaldehyde and Keratin.

Hair Before and After Reallisse™ Hair Smoothing Treatment.

With the formaldehyde issues arising from the EU ban of certain keratin straightening products and the Oregon investigations in 2010, it was essential that we support the stylist community with a healthy alternative product for hair smoothing.

As evidence mounts regarding the toxic dangers of Brazilian keratin-type hair smoothing treatments, Zerran International announces Reallisse™, the world's first 100 percent vegan semi-permanent hair smoothing system. This patent protected product is formulated without keratin or other animal products and contains absolutely no formaldehyde, aldehydes, thioglycolates, sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide, methylene glycol, formol, formalin, ethers, or any other substance that produces formaldehyde gas upon heating with a flatiron.

In development over the past year, Reallisse™ was designed to follow the roll out of Reform®, Zerran’s patented method for permanent hair straightening, also free of toxic formaldehyde and other related dangerous and harmful substances. Reallisse™ is a professional system exclusively for use as an in-salon service.

“Reallisse™ was already in our innovation pipeline for 2011,” states Zerran marketing director Cindy Van Steelandt. “But with the formaldehyde issues arising from the EU ban of certain keratin straightening products in the summer of 2010 and the Oregon OSHA investigations last fall, it was essential that we support the stylist community with a healthy alternative product for hair smoothing.

As a well-established entrepreneurial company serving the professional salon industry since 1986, we already held patents to the critical components of this product,” Van Steelandt says. “So we were able to react quickly and devote our resources to bringing this product to market.” Van Steelandt notes that Reallisse™ is debuting in January 2011 at the ISSE Long Beach, a pro beauty industry show. “We have a network of stylists who are trying out the system in major metropolitan areas coast to coast with excellent results.”

Hands-on education is an essential part of the philosophy. “The Reallisse™ technique is similar to the keratin smoothing process, so after taking our training, the stylist can immediately offer this lucrative, in-demand salon service,” Van Steelandt explains. “The Reallisse™ process itself takes about 90 minutes to complete for the average head of hair. Follow-up services will depend on how quickly hair grows out and degree of natural curl and frizziness present, so clients will likely return to the salon every two to four months for touch ups, just as they do now for Brazilian keratin-type treatments. Clients are reporting a 50 percent reduction in styling time following a Reallisse™ service.”

An effective and non-toxic solution for curly and frizzy hair is more than just vanity. According to a recent study conducted by Yale University professor Marianne LaFrance, women are embarrassed when they think they're having a "bad hair day." Hair smoothing empowers women by giving them more control over their curly, frizzy hair and contributes to their overall self esteem and sense of well-being.

About Reallisse™ Vegan Hair Smoothing System
A revolutionary Catalyst introduces vegan proteins from wheat, corn and oats to the hair shaft. The heat-activated formula eliminates frizz and reduces unwanted curl and unruly volume. A flat iron developed to Zerran specifications,
meeting the 450 F° heat standard, is recommended for superior results.

  • pH balanced
  • NO masks or scalp balms required
  • NO special venting system needed
  • NO irritating fumes
  • NO harsh chemicals
  • Average treatment time is 90 minutes
  • Hair may be washed 24 hours following treatment
  • Hair will have natural body, movement and be responsive to thermal curling
  • Treatment effects will last from 2 - 4 months, depending upon client variables

About Zerran International
Zerran International Corporation is a privately owned manufacturer and global distributor of Zerran Hair Care products for the professional salon industry. Based on intensive scientific research and centuries-old botanical tradition, the company has formulated and delivered 100 percent vegan shampoos, conditioners and styling products utilizing renewable botanical extracts and essential oils since 1986. Zerran International Corporation is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Visit Zerran International at Booth 430 at ISSE, Long Beach Convention Center.


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