National Hair Transplant Clinic Reveals Breakthrough Technology Featuring An Undetectable Scar

Dr. Brett Bolton and Great Hair Transplants have pioneered a remarkable hair transplantation technology that leaves the patient with virtually no scar. Dr. Bolton is world renown for delivering the most state of the art technology to his patients. He is the only hair transplant specialist that is blending the best of both worlds. The combination of creating maximum density and an undetectable scar is quickly creating quite a stir within the industry.

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7 Months Post Op

We have built this brand and the practice around delivering the results my patients expect every day, explains Dr. Bolton

Franklin, TN (PRWEB) July 27, 2012

The hair transplant industry has gone in many different directions over the last 50 years! Gone are the days of the plugs, which were sometimes referred to as a doll’s head or corn rows. In 1992 the industry morphed into the “state of the art gold standard” now called follicular unit transplantation. Hair transplant surgeons have been trying to deliver three basic demands from their patients. Those demands are a total natural hairline, solid acceptable density behind that hairline, and an undetectable scar in the donor area. There is even a robotic machine being used to extract the donor, but it falls short on density demand. “This technology is absolutely amazing,” stated Steve Cook, COO at Great Hair Transplants. “Our brand is built around delivering outstanding results to the patient in just one procedure. This time Dr. Bolton has simply outdone himself,” he added. Dr. Bolton is now combining his innovative MaxHarvest™ technique with has been coined “the Bolton Edge”. The Bolton Edge technique is able to yield the maximum hairs needed delivering the maximum density but with no detectable scar.

Great Hair Transplants has two fully staffed state of the art surgery centers:

Corporate Headquarters
2000 Meridian Blvd.
Suite 270
Franklin, TN. 37067

2715 East Oakland Park Blvd.
Entire Second Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33306

Great Hair Transplants and Dr. Brett Bolton have been helping people suffering from hair loss for 15 years! Dr. Bolton is best known for delivering maximum density for half the price! Patients travel in from all over the world for the state of the art technology and outstanding patient care. The website, has been recently converted into a video format where patients can watch the procedure, view the results, and watch patients testimonials in the privacy of their own home.



Aldo Before MaxHarvest Aldo Before MaxHarvest

Aldo Before Bolton Bundles

Ryan - Surgery Day Ryan - Surgery Day

MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Ryan - 11 Months PostOp Ryan - 11 Months PostOp

MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Ryan - Surgery Day Ryan - Surgery Day

MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Ryan - 11 Months Post Op Ryan - 11 Months Post Op

MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Josh Pre Surgery Josh Pre Surgery

MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Josh 10 Months Post Surgery Josh 10 Months Post Surgery

MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Before Bolton Bundles Before Bolton Bundles

5 Months Post Op

5 Month Post Op 5 Month Post Op

Bolton Bundles

Bolton Bundles Bolton Bundles

Bolton Bundle component of the MaxHarvest Procedure

Bolton Bundle Technique Bolton Bundle Technique

MaXHarvest Procedure