Store Selling Halloween Costumes Has Another "Hell" Of An Idea

Share Article teams up with the Helfyre blog to provide additional information on Halloween costumes and other spooky holiday topics such as Halloween recipes, masquerade parties and October 31st facts.

Helfyre's vampire devil blog - Halloween costumes & the Halloween culture

Roughly 20 000 000 lbs of candy corn is sold each year. That means if you took all the candy corn sold and laid it end to end, it would circle the earth a whopping 4 times

Costume Cauldron, a Halloween store has taken on the writings of Helfyre, the mysterious vampire-devil blogger. Visitors can now link from the costume site to read his blood scribblings about the latest trending Halloween Costumes, the October 31st holiday, masquerade parties and other topics the children of the night are interested in. Costume Cauldron has gone so far as to post his excerpts on their homepage.

Some of the most recent blog entries featured on the Helfyre site include recipes for tasty Halloween treats, vampire movies and sexy Halloween costumes. Visitors will find the blog well organized and easy on the eyes; all blog posts appear in white text overlaying a black background with links highlighted in pumpkin orange, the universal color for the spooky Halloween holiday. On the right hand side, there is a navigation system encompassing a blog archive, favorite links, and a clickable category option, to specific topics of interest. The navigation also features site "toe tags", an original Helfyre take on blog cloud tags, top posts and a section for Cherry Fairy Tweets. The sister to Helfyre, Cherry the Fairy can be followed on twitter linking from the blog.

When Costume Cauldron is prompted to give the reason for the pairing they email "There are few popular Halloween blog s in the blogosphere because of seasonality, so it takes a fresh and interesting approach to make this kind of blog popular; we think Helfyre has pulled that off. " With his spectacular hellish graphics, readable format and edgy comical flourishes it's no wonder they think so.

The blog is filled with tricks and treats. Along with the plethora of info about popular adult Halloween costumes, visitors will also notice a recent post, sharing a holiday desert recipe. The concoction calls for some All Hallow's Eve ingredients, such as Oreo cookie crumbles, candy corn and jelly beans all topped with whipped cream. These confection posts are some of the finer points that make this blog so worthwhile, as the author of Helfyre states "the best part of Halloween is the pillowcases full of candy."

Leading up to the evening of October 31st Helfyre assures that new content will be posted to the blog daily. "Every day there will be new, exciting, even scary posts for bloggers to vamp out over."

After reading the last post, visitors will notice the writings have little known facts about Halloween. "Roughly 20 000 000 lbs of candy corn is sold each year. That means if you took all the candy corn sold and laid it end to end, it would circle the earth a whopping 4 times," writes Helfyre.

Even though this author may be a blood thirsty devil who stalks the night giving out "toe tags", his true identity remains a mystery even to the online Halloween Costumes store Costume Cauldron. Perhaps this writer's dark impenetrable veil of secrecy is to enhance the magical mysticism of the Halloween spirit. When asked why the blogger wishes not to reveal himself to the public, he cowers, "When you live centuries as I have, anonymity is the only thing keeping you from being staked in the heart by those that seek out immortals." Visit Helfye's definitive look at Halloween culture... one byte at a time.

Author Jenna Marion.


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