Halloween Scary Movies, 13 Fright Night Movies to Watch on DVD Rental from Blockbuster.co.uk

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Halloween is the night for ghouls, monsters and darkness and the evil that men do. It is an opportunity to carve pumpkins until hands are twisted with cramp, to disguise the kids and set them loose on the neighbours, and to eat sweets to excess!

An American Werewolf in London

Halloween is the night for ghouls, monsters and darkness and the evil that men do. It is an opportunity to carve pumpkins until hands are twisted with cramp, to disguise the kids and set them loose on the neighbours, and to eat sweets to excess!

After the kids are safely in bed it is time to turn out the lights and to watch some scary horror movies. Blockbuster's Halloween Special fright night movie selection is not for the feint-hearted, the list includes some of the most chilling fright flicks ever made. So for those who want to risk the experience read on and sign up for DVD rental!

Top of the list is "Saw", directed by James Wan and starring Cary Elwes, Danny Glover and Monica Potter. Fiendishly inventive and gory, Saw is one of the most alarming films you will ever see. It's a mental and emotional rollercoaster ride full of blood and surprises, a bonafide horror classic for anyone who can endure it.

Second on the list is The Ring. Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski keeps the atmosphere dark and full of dread as the world's scariest videotape makes it way into the world. Anyone who watches it receives a call to say that they have 7 days to live. After a week, the suspension is intense, is there any way to avoid the curse?

The Prince of Darkness is about demons and zombies, flesh-eating bugs and psychotic down-and outs. A motley collection of science, religious and philosophy types join forces to investigate Satan's Second Coming. Surrounded by all manner of beasties in a shadowy church, they are unnervingly advised to "Pray for death".

A thoroughly nasty but compelling tragedy, The Fly is about a tale of an eccentric scientist who turns one cell at a time, into a giant, hairy, acid-spewing fly. Director David Cronenberg, a main obsessed with viscera, avoids the camp of the '50s original by first getting sympathy for Jeff and Geena before dragging them through mutant hell all the way to a horrifying climax.

Aptly named Fright Night is also on the list. Vampire movies are rarely watchable and even fewer are genuinely scary. This is one of the good ones, maybe the best.

Other films on the list include "A Nightmare on Elm Street", directed by Wes Craven, "The Evil Dead", directed by Sam Raimi and "An American Werewolf in London" directed by John Landis and "Friday the 13th" featuring a young Kevin Bacon.

The classic film "Alien" is also on the list. When the time came to shoot the now-famous chest bursting sequence in which a baby alien pops out of John Hurt's innards, director Ridley Scott neglected to tell his cast exactly what was going to happen. The look of genuine surprise and horror on their faces mirrors those of audiences worldwide who to this day remain freaked out by this remarkably creepy sci fi movie.

Another classic, "The Omen" is also on the list. A kid does not have much of a chance in life when his mother's a jackal and his father's the Devil, unless he wants to rule the earth that is!

"Dawn of the Dead", when there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the earth! Robbed of darkness, the dead are forced to menace the living in the brightly lit, settings of a shopping mall. It turns out that there's dread in the daytime too, as zombies are dragged from the shadows.

The list would not be complete without "Halloween" directed by John Carpenter and starring Donald Pleasence. A creepy edgy masterpiece, it launched seven sequels of its own.

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