Handicap Parking Invention Relieves Pain, Frustration

Disabled drivers can now breathe a sigh of relief whenever they pull into a handicap parking space. A new invention called The Placard Hanger, alleviates the pain, struggle and frustration of hanging a handicap parking placard on the rearview mirror.

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Easy, pain-free way to hang your handicap permit from your rearview mirror

North Fort Myers, FL (PRWEB) March 23, 2010

Senior and disabled drivers using a handicap parking placard very often experience aggravation and difficulty when trying to display or remove it from their rearview mirror. The mirror arm on which these tags hang from cannot be seen from the driver's seat, so drivers are forced to stretch, lean over and twist in ways that can be awkward and painful, just to hang their permit.

To avoid this, many handicapped drivers leave their placard hanging from the rearview even when they are driving; a moving violation almost everywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Enter Arthur Brower, 75, a disabled veteran from North Ft. Myers, FL, who decided that he had had enough of the pain and invented a little device that immediately eliminated all of his discomfort.

When asked about his invention Brower said, "I had shoulder surgery that made it nearly impossible for me to reach up and hang my handicap placard from the rearview. I used to just leave it up all the time, even when I was driving, and I saw many other disabled drivers doing the same thing. Then I found out that most states consider this dangerous and technically define it as an 'obstruction of view', which it really is. Turns out it is a citable traffic offense with fines ranging from $50 to $250. I felt there had to be a better way..."

According to Brower, now founder and CEO of The Placard Hanger, LLC, he originally made only one permit hanger for his own use... "But then all my disabled friends wanted one, and then their friends. It just caught on. So I applied for a patent and now disabled drivers everywhere can get some relief..."

Simply called 'The Placard Hanger', the product is a small, compact device that makes the process of displaying and removing a handicap parking permit effortless, while simultaneously removing the risk of driving dangerously and illegally with an obstructed view of the road.

The Placard Hanger, LLC, based in North Ft. Myers, FL, manufactures and distributes products that make life a little easier for senior and disabled persons. The company's initial product, a simple device called the 'Placard Hanger', helps eliminate pain and discomfort for drivers with disabilities when they hang or remove their handicap parking placard from the rearview mirror. For more insights into the Placard Hanger contact John Rowland at (877) 254-8095 or jrowland(at)theplacardhanger(dot)com. Other helpful information on the company and product can be found here theplacardhanger.com




Satisfied Placard Hanger User

The Placard Hanger makes it easy to hang and remove your parking permit from the mirror.

Placard Hanger Package

Individually packaged Placard Hanger comes with simple installation instructions.