Natural Wellness® Announces New, All Natural Energy and Hangover Prevention Supplements

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Natural Wellness®, retailer of herbal, natural, and nutritional supplements announces the launch of two new, all natural products: Brutal Energy™ and Hangover Hater™. Brutal Energy™ boosts energy while Hangover Hater™ prevents hangovers.

New energy supplement from Natural Wellness.

These proprietary products are both all natural and support some of the everyday needs of our society — energy and hangover relief, among others.

Primarily known for its established products in the liver support market, as well as its recent growth in the cardiovascular and kidney health arena, Natural Wellness® is now pleased to announce its current expansion into the energy supplement and hangover prevention supplement markets. Though Natural Wellness® is entering dominated markets – the unique blend of ingredients found in both Brutal Energy™ and Hangover Hater™ help differentiate them from other products in the energy and hangover prevention supplement markets.

Joining the market that has long been dominated by the likes of Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and 5-Hour Energy, Natural Wellness® has just released Brutal Energy™, an all natural nutritional energy supplement. Unlike energy drinks and shots, Brutal Energy™ comes in easy-to-swallow tablets, and was designed with a unique blend of ingredients to focus on four energy-boosting strategies – 1) maintaining the strength of each cell’s mitochondria (where the majority of a person’s energy is made), 2) protecting cells from damage, 3) fortifying the immune system and 4) raising the metabolic rate. Brutal Energy™ is sold in a 10-tablet blister pack for portable, on-the-go energy and provides hours of energy and alertness with no crash, no bad taste, and no additional calories.

Likewise, Hangover Hater™ was also designed differently than other anti-hangover products. Hangover Hater™, which is available in capsule form and supports the body’s metabolism by providing an ideal blend of substances that aid in the breakdown of alcohol and the elimination of alcohol’s negative side effects, differentiates itself from Chaser, RU-21 and Drinking Mate, as it contains Alpha R-Lipoic Acid. This ingredient acts as a metabolic antioxidant – and is critical in regulating normal metabolism and energy production. In addition to its ability to detoxify poisons in the body, Alpha R-Lipoic Acid actually regenerates other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and glutathione, prolonging their existence in the body. Hangover Hater™ is sold in a 12-capsule blister pack for portable, on-the-go hangover prevention.

Brutal Energy™ and Hangover Hater™ are both manufactured in the USA by Natural Wellness®. For a complete list of unique ingredients in these new products, visit and

Since 1996, Natural Wellness® has been dedicated to offering health enhancement information, tools and ideas for personal growth and well-being and natural solutions to today’s health challenges.

Over the years, Natural Wellness® has grown from the original intention to educate healthcare professionals about the benefits of integrative therapies, to also offering herbal and nutritional supplements and personal self-help tools and ideas of interest to everyone who wants to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

“To meet ever increasing demand, our cutting-edge product development team has developed a new line of proprietary products that are both all natural and support some of the everyday needs of our society — energy and hangover relief among others,” says Morris Cohen, President of Natural Wellness®.

Uniqueness in both markets is evidenced in pricing, portability, on-the-go convenience and a full money-back guarantee.

Brutal Energy™’s target market: Students cramming for finals, truckers on the long haul, or professionals trying not to nod off during a long meeting. Athletes, bodybuilders, people who exercise, busy moms, party goers looking to hit the club or their favorite bar – and anyone needing that extra punch of energy. People interested in increasing their concentration, performance and alertness without additional calories.

Hangover Hater™’s target market: People who want to feel good before and after they drink alcoholic beverages, whether drinking during a night out on the town, celebrating a special event or just enjoying a few drinks at home. All different types of drinkers will be fresh with no after effects from drinking.

Natural Wellness® is excited about expanding its product line to currently dominated markets to include these new, in-demand products which are affordable, all natural, safe to use and manufactured in the USA.

About Natural Wellness®

Since 1996, Natural Wellness® has been dedicated to offering health enhancement information, tools and ideas for personal growth and well-being. The privately held corporation provides herbal and nutritional supplements for a broad range of health concerns, as well as to support a healthy lifestyle. All Natural Wellness® supplements are produced in facilities that adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), guaranteeing high quality products. To learn more about Natural Wellness® and its complete line of products, visit or call (800) 364-5722.


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