American Medical Association Journal Report Cites Wrong Name of Extract Proven to Prevent Hangover Symptoms

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Manufacturer reveals Tex-OE is actual extract proven in Tulane clinical study.

An herbal extract has been clinically proven to prevent hangover symptoms. But the extract is not common Opuntia ficus indica as named by the AMA in the title and throughout its published report in its medical journal, The Archives of Internal Medicine, June 28, 2004.

"The AMA got it wrong," according to Gerald Stefanko, CEO of Nutrimark, the company that manufactures and distributes Tex-OE(R) the extract clinically proven to prevent hangover symptoms in the study conducted at Tulane University.

Stefanko says, "Tex-OE is the extract that was proven. It is very different than common Opuntia ficus indica. Our extract is derived from the skin of the fruit, not the cactus pads as in common Opuntia ficus indica extract. Tex-OE, is a patented extract, obtained by a patented process. Unlike common Opuntia extract, Tex-OE's patented process removes cellulose from the extract so the human body can absorb the extract's bioactive molecules found in the skin of the fruit. This bioactivity provides the protective and restorative benefits. Common Opuntia extract does not contain the bioactivity required to prevent hangover symptoms. Even if it did, it contains cellulose which cannot be digested by humans to enable absorption."

Stefanko continued, "As a result of the AMA's misnaming the extract, the major news services instantly reported that Opuntia ficus indica was proven to prevent hangover symptoms. To date, more than 12,500 stories have misinformed the public. Common Opuntia cannot and does not prevent hangovers. Tex-OE is the only extract that does. Yet people throughout the world are buying the wrong extract and finding it doesn't work. It's simply time to set the record straight."

Tex-OE is the product of ten years of research and development by a renowned cell biology and pharmacology team. Taken before drinking, Tex-OE rapidly accelerates the synthesis of protective stress proteins in response to the stress caused by the toxicity of alcohol. Supporting the fact that Tex-OE was the extract used in the clinical study, Dr. Jeff Wiese, the study's lead investigator confirmed, "Tex-OE was the extract administered in the study. If people generalize anything from the study to their own lives, they should realize that to get the same results from the study they need to use the same extract -- Tex-OE."

Stefanko believes that the AMA and the media do not realize that Tex-OE and common Opuntia are completely different extracts. While the cause of the misinformation is inadvertent, the error should be noted and corrected so that people get the extract that works.

HPF Hangover Prevention Formula™, is the only hangover prevention product that contains Tex-OE. It is sold via a toll free number (800) 720 2970 and via the internet: The company has plans for mass-market distribution.

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