Introducing the Peak BrainHappiness Training System: A New Product for Enhancing Happiness by Activating the Brain's Prefrontal Pleasure Center

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Peak Achievement Training introduces the first mental training system to directly activate the brain's Prefrontal Pleasure Center. It can enhance ongoing feelings of happiness and satisfaction by turning on the brain's Neureka! network, which is designed to discover, learn, and motivate.

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer measures and displays the activity level of the Prefrontal Pleasure Center, which was found by researchers at Stanford University.

The brain's pleasure centers include one right behind the middle of the forehead, according to research from Stanford. The release of dopamine, the brain's primary pleasure chemical, stimulates this Prefrontal Pleasure Center. The powerful positive feelings that are related to this activation can be enhanced with a new product, the Peak BrainHappiness Training System, being released today by Peak Achievement Training. The System combines a user-friendly brainwave biofeedback training instrument--the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer--and a vibrating timer which periodically reminds the user to return to the happy state that they achieved during their training. The combination effectively continues the pleasant feelings into the user's life between training sessions.

With so many people affected by seasonal affective disorder in the fall, the release of this new training system couldn't come at a better time. It is also a very unique Christmas gift that will help a loved one feel better.

There is a key scientific discovery behind this technology--a network in the brain that processes new discoveries, enhances awareness, and stimulates learning and memory. It also makes people feel happy and satisfied so that they keep up their effort to learn and discover. This set of connections, the Neureka! system, operates primarily on a particular high frequency (gamma) brainwave pattern, the Neureka! rhythm.

The Peak BrainHappiness Trainer's software selects and clarifies this rhythm, and provides feedback about it in a unique way. The user selects a DVD that makes them feel happy from the group that are provided or their other favorites. As they feel more and more of these wonderful feelings, the DVD's picture gets bigger. They get further absorbed in the pleasant experience, and the feelings grow, releasing more dopamine. Dopamine and the Neureka! rhythm enhance the memory of whatever they are focusing on when the pleasure chemical is released, including the positive feelings that it produces. The timer, which is worn on the user's belt or in their pocket, vibrates every few minutes to remind them to re-create these feelings of happiness and satisfaction. A few lessons with the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer will begin the user's mastery of this key brain rhythm, so they can enhance feelings of happiness, love, and peace, while simultaneously decreasing stress levels. Over time, they learn to bring back these feelings very frequently.

A recent study, soon to be published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, has shown that the Neureka! rhythm is associated with feelings of happiness, love, satisfaction and gratitude. Dr. Beverly Rubik, the President of the Institute for Frontier Sciences, who conducted the study on this neurovideofeedback system, states "From numerous studies in mind-body science and medicine, we know that happiness is a root cause of good health. Now you can choose to engage your brain in the Neureka! experience using the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer to elevate yourself mentally and physically."

By combining this Neureka! neurovideofeedback with the Peak Achievement Trainer's Alertness enhancing system, the Peak BrainHappiness Trainer can also train people to enhance feelings of excited happiness. Dr. Cowan states "This new combination can help bring back the intensely positive feelings that a basketball fan experiences at a game, or a rock music lover has at a concert. There are so many people who want to experience them more often. Now they can learn to do so more easily without being there. People who blend this excited happiness into their everyday lives are more fun to be around and more effective."

About Peak Achievement Training:

Peak Achievement Training®, a d/b/a of NeuroTek, LLC, is a ground-breaking performance enhancement technology company that patented the brainwave methodology used in two new toys, the Mind Flex from Mattel and the Force Trainer from Uncle Milton, over 10 years ago. The Peak Achievement Trainer® enables human performance improvement by measuring and displaying Focus, Alertness, and Neureka!, using special computer hardware and software. The company's proven technology has benefited professional athletes, corporate executives, and military officers, as well as children and adults with attention difficulties.

Click for more information on the product and an explanation of the attached Flash presentation about the brain's pleasure centers.

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