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Share Article - the new redesigned website with new a user friendly interface that offers a plethora of products to meet one’s home entertainment needs. The site’s impressive variety and quality makes it the place to go for electronic accessories such as HDMI cables and other cords. - connecting devices

Fast growing american online hdmi cables retailer. - the new redesigned website with user friendly interface that offers a plethora of products to meet one’s home entertainment needs. The site’s impressive variety and quality makes it the place to go for electronic accessories such as HDMI cables and other cords. With the increasing popularity and new innovations in entertainment technology, Cmple allows its customers to thoroughly enjoy their high-tech gadgets like high-definition televisions and game consoles.

The origin of the company was certainly a humble one. It truly is a success story. Cmple started out with two people, $2000, a basement, and big dreams of providing people what they need. They knew that the current innovations in technology would lead an increasing number of devices to require advanced equipment to maximize on video and audio clarity. They realized then that HDMI cables and the like would be faced with an exponentially growing demand. It was then that the two knew what they wanted to sell, and with this, a company arose.

In a short period of time, their ideas grew bigger and bigger. In 2009, they moved from the basement to a 15,000 square foot warehouse and abandoned their obsolete distribution techniques by computerizing and automating their purchasing process. Due to these improvements, the efficiency and accuracy of the company’s orders increased, causing higher customer satisfaction.

Their techniques clearly worked, as the specific demand for HDMI cables and accessories grew, and grew fast. They were able to provide their customers the best products and the lowest prices with the most reliable purchasing procedure.

The time came once more to expand the business further. In 2011, Cmple was able to open a second warehouse, which allowed them to keep a significantly larger inventory. This second expansion allowed for a larger inventory and a far better selection of products available for purchasing. They were then able to serve any and all HDMI cable and home theater accessory needs.

Yet Cmple isn’t just about the products – another one of the company’s main focuses is the service that comes along with the purchase. It isn’t unusual for the average person to have problems setting up their electronics. Considering the different cords and slot and what not, it can somebody be difficult for someone to fidget around to get everything in the right place. A major benefit of purchasing from Cmple is that they have a Support Team that is always available during business hours to help their customers with any problem that may come up during the use of one of their products. They stress the importance of making sure that their customers can truly enjoy their products.

The reliability of the products at is certainly a plus. Most of the items available come with a lifetime warranty. Along with the warranty, they also promise that they will send you your product as fast as possible. Cmple has a close relationship with UPS and USPS that allows their packages to safely be shipped around the country and throughout the world at lightning-fast speed. They promise same-day shipping on all order made before 3 in the afternoon. When they ship a product, they provide and accurate calculation as to when it will arrive at its intended destination, which can save people the money and worries that comes with internet shopping.

With the country in a current economic recession, many companies have serious trouble keeping the cost of their products under control. They raise prices and lower quality in order to maximize on profits. However, at, these business tactics are certainly not the common practice. A nearly unique feature of business at Cmple is its close relationship directly with manufacturers. This relationship allows it to sell high-quality products at the most affordable prices. However, the benefit of their relationship is twofold. Cmple helps the manufacturers develop innovative products, as well as make suggestions for making the installation of their products more user-friendly. is already establishing itself as a stronghold when it comes to variety of products. Whether a client is looking for an SVGA or an HDMI cable; a Firewire or a USB cord; a Network Cat 5 or Cat 6 wire – they can be found in one place: They also offer a selection of fire alarm cables, standard video and audio cables, wall plates, and computer cables (USB and monitor cables). Any accessory that a person can need can conveniently be found in one place. If somebody needs a HDMI cable for a brand new Playstation ®, they can easily provide that. If a person requires a Cat 5 Ethernet cord for an internet connection , they offer such cords in a wide assortment of AWG thicknesses and colors. Sometimes it becomes necessary to make an HDMI cable longer – Cmple can take care of this as well. They sell extension cords so that you can easily enjoy video and audio clarity. As cable technology gets better and better, and more products become available, they constantly restock and expand their inventory so that whatever a person can need will always be available.

Something great about is their diverse group of clients. They sell their products on both the wholesale and retail levels, supplying both individual home customers, and commercial distributers intending on reselling. They are big on the versatility of their orders – whether someone requires 1 cable or 100. They have a direct business-to-consumer model, and they are more than willing to be part of another company’s supply chain. does more than business – they form connections. Connections between people. Connections between man and machine. They’re there for people when they need them most. They’re there at someone’s movie night with their best friends. They’re there when a someone wants to share their pictures to their family on a high-definition television. They know who they’re serving and where they came from, so they know what people really want. is certainly a sensation in the making. Their remarkable story shows how they truly work to serve their customers what they really need. They offer the best quality, the best variety, and the best service. They give their consumers what they deserve – the best.

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