Lice Treatment Product Receives Top 5-Star Rating From

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Licenex, an over-the-counter lice treatment product, receives a best-in-class 5-star rating from

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Licenex attacks lice and their eggs with special biological enzymes, which penetrate and break down their exoskeletons on contact. It then dissolves the, LLC recently awarded their highest five-star rating to Licenex, a safe and effective lice treatment product available without a prescription.

"We're pleased to receive's highest rating," said Pauline K. of MicroNutra Health™, the makers of Licenex. "MicroNutra is committed to researching and providing the best products available without negative side effects. Through a unique formula, Licenex removes (washes away) lice quickly and effectively while remaining pesticide-free. We're proud of our product and happy to be recognized for our efforts."

Millions of children suffer from lice infestations each year. Unfortunately, because lice can spread so easily, thousands of adults have to contend with this condition as well. While lice infestations can be easy to detect, getting rid of the pests can be a bigger problem. Both the lice insects and their eggs must be destroyed to prevent re-infestation. Solutions purchased from local grocery stores or from a prescription can require repeated, time-consuming treatments. These often involve picking through the affected areas with a comb, looking for (and removing) each individual louse one by one. Unfortunately this can be a slow and frustrating process, and is prone to failure. If you miss just one insect, the lice can continue to spread - and finding their eggs, which can hatch up to 7-10 days later, is almost impossible.

"Licenex is the most powerful product we've found to eliminate lice both in your hair and in your home," said Brian Dolezal, of "Licenex attacks lice and their eggs with special biological enzymes, which penetrate and break down their exoskeletons on contact. It then dissolves the "glue" that holds lice onto the hair, so they can be rinsed out. In this way, the lice are removed without needing to comb and pick them out one-by-one. For its effectiveness and convenience, Licenex earns our highest rating."

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About MicroNutra Health™
MicroNutra Health™, the maker of Licenex, is a global leading force in the practice of natural health and better nutrition. Licenex utilizes a patented enzymatic blend that has been helping customers get rid of their lice infestations for over 6 years. MicroNutra Health™ is so confident in Licenex and all their products that they offer the customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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