Searching for Diabetes Information, a Student Finds Answers Online

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Anxious about family history of diabetes, a college senior finds direction and a plan for a healthier lifestyle after visiting

Diabetes, much like hepatitis or leukemia, is a medical condition that many young people are aware of but not necessarily informed about. Steven Harper, a 21-year old college senior, was aware that diabetes ran in his family (both his grandfathers as well as his father suffer from it), but aside from vague notions of insulin injections and blood-sugar levels, he did not know much about the disease. Faced with the distinct possibility that the disease could be in his future, Steven decided to do some research on diabetes—what it was exactly, how his family history affected him, and possible preventative measures he could take.

“Like most people my age, I turned instinctively to the Internet,” Harper said. “But sifting through the sea of information for a topic as broad as diabetes is just as daunting as it sounds.” Steven’s search was made easier when, on the advice of a friend, he visited, a free portal containing pre-searched links to a wide-range of healthcare information sites.

What he found was that the tedious searching had already been done for him, as he only had to click on “Diabetes” in the Health Concerns drop down menu to be instantly connected to a list of websites with pre-searched links. These links went right to pages containing explanatory articles, diagrams and medical Q & As on diabetes. Soon Steven was understanding the significance of insulin deficiency and the dangers of glucose-buildup in the blood, the difference between type-1 and type-2 diabetes, and warning signs to look out for.

By the end of his reading, he was well-versed on the need to maintain healthy eating and exercise habits, and pay closer attention to his sugar intake. ”The information that I read was truly an eye-opener,” Harper confessed. “I didn’t realize how at risk I was. After reading the articles, I immediately sent the Health Site Guide link to my younger brother, who has a huge sweet tooth.”

Health Site Guide was created by individuals, who like so many others, search the web to learn about a medical condition, then scroll aimlessly down the results page. Designed for people, like Steven, who search for healthcare information with a “level of anxiety” and want answers faster and easier, features overviews of leading websites written by a medical savvy staff, as well as pre-searched links to topics that include drug information, videos, animation, medical encyclopedias, human body atlas, interactive tools and more. Along with diabetes, there are several hundred other health concerns which link users to sites where they can find the information they need.

Health Site Guide is not affiliated with any third party and is completely free. It includes a membership area where registered guests (who provide a nickname and password only…no personal information is ever required) can participate in forums or create their own, have a personal page, create a blog, download information, receive updated news on a wide range of health concerns, and more, making a fully interactive and informative experience.

“The search is over for Internet users who type keywords into search engines to access medical information. Our professional staff has done the searching for them, allowing them to access healthcare information faster and easier,” said Bob Lipp, president of Health Site Guide, Inc. “We understand that many people who use the web for healthcare information often have a certain degree of anxiety and concern as they seek answers to situations affecting them or a loved one. We hope to provide the information they need faster, easier and often more thoroughly by linking them to the relevant page on the many healthcare sites included in our portal.”

About Health Site Guide is owned by Health Site Guide Inc. The site is a portal with pre-searched links that makes it fast and easy to access a broad range of healthcare information and special features, which are available on today’s healthcare websites. The company is not affiliated with any third party.

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