Can't Get Health Insurance? Think Again

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Being turned down or cannot afford health insurance is a heartbreaking national dilemma. Everyone talks about it but nothing inevitably gets done. Logic Systems Financial reports they have found an answer.

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It's a real good feeling going back to these good folks who were previously turned down by one or more of the health giants, with the excellent news that there is now credible insurance coverage for them.

Job lay off, the kids are sick, the horribly expensive Cobra insurance was dropped months ago, and now with her existing back problem, no insurance company will touch her. What can she do?

Being uninsurable has been a hard-hitting problem in America. Barack Obama recently stated, "It's shameful, and what's even more shameful is that nine million of the Americans who are forced to wait in Emergency Rooms when they get sick - who have no health insurance at all - are children."

Why are some folks labeled uninsurable? Well usually it is due to a pre-existing health issue. So what if the insurer would simply exclude that pre-existing condition? This way the insurer would have a new client, while being protected from unexpected loss should the pre-existing condition become worse. Sound like a winner?

Condition exclusion is not how they have traditionally thought. Instead they totally reject the customer. To make it worse, they then document that the customer applied, but was rejected. Now this new ominous insurance record makes it even more difficult to get health insurance.

Fortunately there are new thoughts in this area. A new guaranteed issue health plan has arrived on the scene. This plan is not Medicare but it pays basically what Medicare would pay for the same surgical procedures. The plan also covers many of the same things that a traditional and very expensive major medical health policy covers. But the cost is a fraction of what a high-risk consumer would usually pay. And, they will accept pre-existing conditions, with a waiting period.

The plan is called a fixed benefit plan. That is the way insurance used to be. Back when doctors did not have such a billing nightmare to deal with. The doctor new what the insurance would pay and that is what was billed. It was so simple back then. Did you know that billing companies charge doctors around 12%? Guess who pays that? This new plan can help eliminate this headache.

There are some copycat plans out there but they fall short in one or more areas. Many of them are not really insurance at all and are sold everywhere, even in magazines. This new plan is genuine insurance and regulated by your state, and requires a state insurance license to sell it.

The site with the details is You can get a health insurance quote here. The sites parent company, Logic Systems Financial (LSF), has been around almost ten years. Their Better Business Bureau rating is AA. Customers are flocking their way for this new plan. It's an easy online enrollment as well.

When the management of LSF decided to make this new plan available to their customers, "The clients that had been previously turned down by the major medical companies suddenly became insurable again." Company management said, "It's a real good feeling going back to these good folks who were previously turned down by one or more of the health giants, with the excellent news that there is now credible insurance coverage for them."

Another quick detail; this new plan is HIPPA compliant. The look-alike plans do not have this important compliance feature. What HIPPA compliance does for someone is that if this new plan is kept for one year, the customer can then go back to the same major medical company who previously denied them, with the same pre-existing condition, and apply for a plan. Because by having twelve months of what is called, continuous credible coverage, they then can qualify for the traditional plans. Pre-existing conditions no longer stop them.

The bottom line here is that this guaranteed issue plan was a long time coming. This company has sorted through all the junk and flack for us, to make this new plan health plan available nationally. Now the so-called uninsurable of this country can be easily protected.


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