Health and Wellness Program Measures Health Risk & Increases Profits

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A new health plan has turned many companies into big winners this year. Originally these Health Risk Assessments or "Health and Wellness Programs" were designed to just increase company profits; in the end it has led to better health for employees, and bigger company profits than expected. Better health and more money can’t be all that bad.

Question: Does an employee's smoking, or eating habits impact his or her ability to perform their job? Not in the short term, but think about it this way, if an employee is over stressed, over eats, never exercises, stays out all night, chances are they are not going to be in good health for long. You may have to hire someone to cover their down time which affects profits. Many companies have found out that helping employees remain healthy can increase profits; the company retains employees longer, with less down time.

Assessing an employee’s health risk may sound a little strange, even "Orwellian." At first glance it does sound a bit out of "1984", but the reality is; health and wellness programs, make corporate America richer. They make more money, but it also helps you, the employee stay healthy, and to remain a happy employee a lot longer. It was designed to cut company costs, but in the long run it will help you live a healthier, more active life.

Some civil libertarian bloggers say that health plans like this will lead to companies controlling every part of our lives, that they will tell you what to eat, when to exercise, and when to go to sleep. These Internet writers may be way over the top but it may be something to keep an eye on. So far, Big Brother is just a TV show. Health & Wellness and the idea behind it, is not there to control you, or force you to change your bad habits like smoking or overeating; its goal is to guide you in a healthier direction.

Health and wellness programs are being embraced not only by the top companies in America, but also State and Government offices. As far back as 1986 these health plans have cut expenses, and managed the mental health and substance abuse programs for federal, state, and local Medicaid populations.

Health provider; ConvergenceHealth ( has a complete health and wellness program designed to evaluate your health risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. Once these health risk results are generated, there are programs specially designed by ConvergenceHealth to help you quit smoking, lose weight, deal with stress in the workplace, etc.

Health and wellness professional, Byron Gehring and CEO of ConvergenceHealth states, "Health Risk Assessments ultimately help companies improve their “health productivity management". In simple terms, that means; they unveil the need for simple, easy to manage programs that ultimately help you manage your employee’s health and potential risk and cost to you as an employer.

Find out more about health risk assessment, and a custom health and wellness program for your company, contact ConvergenceHealth for more info (


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