Medical Marketing Report: Doctors Poorly Prepared for the Business of Medicine

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Healthcare Marketing Center reports on medical marketing challenges faced by doctors, hospitals and surgery centers in New York City: misinformed patients, physician ratings, competition by multiple specialties for the same patients, and lack of knowledge on what is effective patient education. HMCOE's new initiative offers doctors, marketers, and administrators the opportunity to learn advanced skills during monthly medical marketing seminars and take advantage of results-driven patient education program through internet, radio, and local events.

Marketing for Doctors in New York & New Jersey

Patient Education and Marketing for Doctors in New York & New Jersey

Doctors need to retake their place as the most trusted source of medical education

Healthcare Marketing Center's CEO, Simon Sikorski, MD, reports "patients are increasingly misinformed about their health care choices due misleading information and advertisements on TV, Radio, and Internet. This inability to find doctors qualified to treat them negatively impacts clinical outcomes."

In New York City, a typical patient suffering from pain will be hit by advertisements from orthopedic doctors, anesthesiologists, chiropractors, rheumatologists, physical therapists, and alternative medicine professionals competing for the same thing - Pain Management. But where should patients seek medical care first if everyone claims to be a "Pain Management Expert"?

And what happens in a practice that's not focusing on patient education? They may suffer from inadequate patient volumes and are taking on patients they're not qualified to treat, just so they can remain profitable. These are the cases where medical marketing (in the form of patient education both to the public and referring physicians) can really help turn a practice around while providing a service to the community.

Other challenges, such as physician ratings are taking the industry by storm. One negative review is perceived by the public as representative of the thousands of patients doctors see in their careers. Doctors are turning to sue patients but instead should be asking whether the ratings company is a public service or a ploy to gain advertising revenues by blackmailing doctors. The success of hospitals and surgery center brands are most affected by this as they do not regularly Google their doctors to check up on their reputations.

Controversies around social media, mobile technologies, and regulations which impose limits on medical marketing also affect our doctors. Are our doctors, who graduate with debts equalling to hundreds of thousands of dollars, prepared for the business of medicine in the digital age? What will happen to medical businesses without a website in 2013 or social media presence?

The monthly medical marketing seminars in New York will teach doctors and administrators how to deal with such challenges, effective patient education strategies, and how to improve relationships with medical professionals. Sign up for December 5th Seminar in New York City - Medical Marketing Seminar Registration. Starting in January 2013, these healthcare marketing seminars will be offered in major metropolitan centers throughout the U.S.

In addition to the medical marketing seminars, HMCOE partnered with media companies in New York to provide doctors, hospitals, and surgery centers with patient education through internet, radio, and local events in the Recover NOW project. This performance-based marketing program for doctors is designed to connect patients seeking expert medical care with qualified doctors.

Dr Sikorski continues: "Doctors need to reclaim their place as the most trusted source of medical information, both in the digital space and in their communities."

HMCOE's Practice Development Specialists, a specialized type of empowered physician liaisons, will create local events where doctors can educate referring medical professionals on latest treatment algorithms and how to work together to improve health care outcomes while saving costs.

Healthcare Marketing Center has offices in New Jersey and New York but works with doctors all over the U.S. You can inquire about the latest research on medical marketing and download presentations from conferences by going to our website - Healthcare Marketing Center of Excellence and calling (888) 416-9926.

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