Sanex Creates Video to Demonstrate Facts About our 'Incredible' Skin

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Human body 'skin cells' visually re-enact healthy skin's natural processes.

Visually representing healthy skin's complex but fascinating processes and how Sanex formulations work to support these in a natural way.

Sanex has created an exclusive 'Healthy Skin' video, with human bodies acting collectively as skin cells to visually portray the natural processes of healthy, active skin.

"The purpose of this video has been to celebrate the wonder of skin cells and attempt to visually capture its incredible and mesmerising natural processes," explains Sam Deasy, Brand Director, Sanex. "Our skin is the largest of our body's organs, providing the physical barrier between us and the outside world - yet we typically take it for granted."

"Over 100 bare human bodies have been artistically choreographed to imitate human skin," adds Sam Deasy, Brand Director, Sanex. "Visually representing healthy skin's complex but fascinating processes and how Sanex formulations work to support these in a natural way."

Six Sanex facts about our 'incredible skin':

  •     Our skin is a precious envelope. Our mediator with the outside world, it receives nourishment from our body in order to remain healthy and eliminates waste, allowing gases and vapors to pass both in and out. At the same time it is a barrier that protects us from the outside world, protecting us from the elements and preventing unwanted materials from entering our body.
  •     Our skin is form-fitting and covers our body entirely. Its average surface for an adult is 2 sq. m (21.5 sq. ft) and its average weight 5 kg (11 pounds)
  •     Our skin has enemies; if its natural defenses are out of balance, the skin becomes vulnerable. Our skin defenses are weakened by water that is too hard, unsuitable cleaning agents, washing too frequently and certain external stressors such as cold and the sun. When out of balance, the skin is drier, less supple, and becomes irritated more easily.
  •     Our skin naturally protects us from dryness. Its invisible 'lipid barrier' stabilises our skin's pH, prevents water evaporation and fights off chemical stresses.
  •     Our skin's pH, near 4.6, is acidic and forms a natural protective layer. The closeness of the skin to this pH is very important as it reflects your skin's biological balance and its ability to defend itself - making it vital to use products with a pH close to that of the skin.
  •     Our skin needs good hydration. But this does not mean using too much water - on the contrary showers are better for your skin than long baths and it is important to dry off completely afterwards. Products which respect the skins natural processes with formulas rich in moisturisers 'nourish' the skin to make it supple and soft.

The video has been produced as part of a pan-European communications campaign, illustrating how Sanex products work actively with the skin and the importance of this in keeping skin working to its healthy best.

The full Sanex 'Healthy skin' video, together the online advert, 'Living Skin' can be found here (

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About Sanex …

Sanex is a brand within Sara Lee Douwe Egberts. The international head office for Sara Lee Douwe Egberts is in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Sara Lee Douwe Egberts is a part of the Sara Lee Corporation, located in Chicago, USA. Sara Lee is active in more than 140 countries and has offices in more than 40 of them. Other brands within Sara Lee include Douwe Egberts, Pickwick, Prodent, Biotex, Kiwi, Ambi Pur, Radox and Zwitsal.


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