Reports New Research and Treatment Paths for Hearing Loss

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“If you experience sudden hearing loss, see a doctor quickly. Timely treatment is important to a successful outcome. Also, regular hearing tests are important.” Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

In Part II, of a 2-part series on Hearing Loss, related several types of new research leading to new treatments for hearing loss. They include a) Gene therapy. Research out of Emory University in Atlanta focuses on regenerating the sensory hair cells that send electrical signals that get interpreted by the brain as sounds. b) Molecular deafness. Sheffield University (England) researchers have found a possible molecular cause for deafness – the mutation of the mR-96 RNA molecule.

This molecule helps produce the sensory hair cells that send sound signals to the brain. Treatment with drugs or gene therapy to stop/change the molecule’s mutation may restore hearing loss. c) Heredity-type deafness. Yale University researchers have identified a molecular pathway disturbance in the mitochondrial DNA inherited through the mother that accounts for deafness. Researchers found if they removed the protein responsible for this process, they could restore hearing in the mice tested. d) Acupuncture. Researchers out of Korea have found that acupuncture treatment within 51 days of sudden idiopathic sensorineural hearing loss – 30 decibels or more over 3 days – can recover about 24 decibels of hearing. resident medical expert, Mark Rosenberg,M.D., comments on hearing loss, “Hearing loss can be caused by a number of things including heredity, loud headphones, blocked ear canal, age, antibiotics, environmental toxins or injury to the ears/head, or noise around your home or work place. It can be a devastating, frustrating condition to live with that can make you irritable, depressed, and lead to physical illness. Research done by the National Council on Aging showed that people who did not use a hearing aid, had higher levels of social withdrawal, were less communicative, less emotionally stable and had problems with concentration.”

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