Halloween Costumes, Swords, and Replica Weapons Not Just for Halloween Anymore

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Americans are becoming more involved in cosplay due to the huge popularity of fantasy movies, television shows, and video games.

With Halloween right around the corner, many people are shopping for the most realistic and gruesome costumes they can find. Weapons such as swords, knives and daggers make these costumes truly authentic, but for many dressing up is more than a once a year pursuit. Online retailers, like Heavenly Swords, sell a large variety of swords, shields, helmets and other weapons that are just what consumers need.

Cosplay, or costume play, when individuals act out scenes from favorite animated shows, movies or even video games, has been popping up in amusement parks, nightclubs and after school clubs all over the country.

While once prevalent only in Japan, anime conventions are now being held all over the United States and dressing up is the norm at these events. Cosplay was even featured in an episode of the widely viewed drama, CSI: NY, showing that it is not just an underground obsession.

Due to the widespread enjoyment of this new hobby, men, women and teens alike are in need of the special accessories that go along with this pastime. Specifically, they need weapons. These cosplay and anime weapons can be viewed, purchased and mailed directly to consumers from online source, Heavenly Swords, making their purchase hassle free and the costumes totally realistic.

The enormous love of film franchises such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings along with the widespread popularity of animated Japanese television shows has given Americans more reason to purchase fantasy weapons from online sellers than ever before. Many moviegoers choose to dress for opening night as their favorite character. These costumes include intricately detailed swords to make the costume authentic. While fans wait in line, sometimes overnight, the focus of their discussion is often the costumes.

Replica swords and weapons can range in price from affordable to the very expensive, depending on the quality of the products. That said, Heavenly Swords offers many weapons at below store retail prices, making these highly prized pieces affordable for any fan.

In addition to movies, animated Japanese television shows are becoming more popular with today's kids and replica weapons are in high demand especially those made in strict adherence to the shows' characters. Naruto and Bleach are two of the most viewed shows and Heavenly Swords features replica swords from the shows' main characters.    

Costume weaponry is also being used in historical re-enactment or "living history" all over the country. Customers can view a wide assortment of medieval style swords that are fully functional and completely genuine. Made of steel with exquisite detail, they are virtual copies of the real thing.

Many Americans have attended Renaissance festivals, which are held throughout the United States. The participants of these festivals fully immerse themselves in the culture of the time period. For these folks authentic weaponry is a must as they act out battles and role-play situations true to medieval times. Fans of this genre have such passion that they often use authentic replicas in their homes and offices to further display their unique past time.

Costumes and weaponry today are no longer saved for the night of October 31st. They have now become day to day entertainment for many Americans, and the trend is exploding in popularity.

Heavenly Swords is an online retailer based in Chicago, Illinois that specializes in providing swords, helmets, shields and other items made by top manufacturers around the world. To find out more about Heavenly Swords please visit them on the Web.


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