'The King of Pot' Bruce Perlowin: The Legacy and The Legend Continues

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Medical Marijuana, Inc., is slated to appear on 60 Minutes' Rocky Mountain High show today, Sunday, October 21 at 7:30pm EST. The airing will be a huge achievement in the now thriving medical marijuana and industrial hemp industries, as 60 Minutes is the most successful news television broadcast in U.S. history, drawing well over 13 million viewers a week.

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Top 4 Marijuana Stocks

Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) is the largest publicly-traded company of hemp stocks in the US.

Medical Marijuana, Inc., is slated to appear on 60 Minutes' Rocky Mountain High show today, Sunday, October 21 at 7:30pm EST. The airing will be a huge achievement in the now thriving medical marijuana and industrial hemp industries, as 60 Minutes is the most successful news television broadcast in U.S. history, drawing well over 13 million viewers a week.

The show will feature Red Dice Holdings President and Managing Director of Dixie Elixirs, Tripp Keber and they'll present their state-of-the art Dixie manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado. But what has been the driving force behind this, still mostly illegal, industry to this point? Who can its legacy be attributed to? Bruce Perlowin, who, with the help of his friends singlehandedly created, and last week boosted, the public company section in the hemp and marijuana industries.

Medical Marijuana, Inc.'s original founder was Bruce Perlowin, a then innovative, savvy, aggressive entrepreneur and progressive advocate of the medical marijuana and hemp industry. He was, subsequently, the first leader promulgating a viable medical marijuana public company which has paved the way for other marijuana stock companies to follow including GrowLife Inc.; Cannabis Science, Inc.; Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.; Altitude Organic Corporation; GreenGro Technologies; Smokefree Innotec, Inc.; and, about 13 others to date with more emerging every month. Perlowin is currently the CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) which is the largest publicly-traded company of hemp stocks in the US by market capitalization, with an estimated value of $45 million.

The chart below illustrates the four top marijuana companies in the industry (Hemp, Inc.; GrowLife, Inc.; Medical Marijuana, Inc.; and Rapid Fire Marketing, Inc.) and their astounding growth this past week... a growth curve Perlowin predicted two weeks ago and a prediction that created a self-fulfilling prophecy. The below comparison chart "clearly indicates where people from all over the world should be investing their money," states Perlowin.

Perlowin is also heavily vested in GrowLife Inc. and is collaborating with that company in the marketplace. He plans to build one of their PhotoTron homes and PhotoTron greenhouses on his Kin's Domain project in Dolan Springs, Arizona (http://www.kinsdomain.us). Perlowin states, "Hemp, Inc, GrowLife, Inc. and Medical Marijuana Inc. are the three fastest growing hemp and medical marijuana stocks in the industry (and I'm heavily vested in all of them) so it's only natural that we all work together in a synergistic economic relationship. Whenever anyone asks me where I should invest in this industry, I always point to those three companies. Spreading your investment portfolio is always a wise decision and it's human nature to do that anyways. I'm in support of the entire industry, not just my own company."

Perlowin is due to meet with Medical Marijuana, Inc. today, since he is still heavily vested in that company also, to see how the two companies can collaborate. There are talks of Medical Marijuana, Inc. being a distributor for Hemp, Inc.'s HerbaGenix® line since it would be a natural fit for Medical Marijuana Inc.'s existing channels of distribution.

At a time when there were no public companies in the hemp and marijuana field, Bruce Perlowin spent four years relentlessly making the public aware of the industry. He taught seminars in Northern California, the Los Angeles Convention Center and the San Diego Convention Center on how to grow hemp in order for farmers to have a more sustainable economy and overcame the legal hurdles of banks not loaning capital to grow his newly-formed public company.

In fact, due to the stigma marijuana had attached to it, banks would not open business checking or merchant accounts with "marijuana" or "hemp" in the legal business name. Since then, however, the industry and business sectors have come a long way. If industrial hemp and medical marijuana legalization initiatives are passed this election year, the hemp and medical marijuana industry will finally stake its claim in the world as a thriving, viable, legitimate industry.

According to Perlowin's son, Aubree Arias, CEO of Compassion Capitol, LLC, his father has, "made great strides in unifying and educating the public about the hemp industry. Before my father took Medical Marijuana, Inc. public, there were no publicly traded corporations in this arena. He had the courage to be a pioneer and risk bringing Medical Marijuana, Inc. into the public equities market. Taking on the stigma associated with hemp has not been an easy road, but he has paved the way, and we are seeing the fruits of that with over a dozen publicly traded entities in this sector. Now we are poised to have Hemp, Inc. (http://www.hemp.com) become the 'Amazon' of the hemp world, as we expect rapid growth in the industry."

Unfortunately, the industry still receives widespread criticism from the government and legal entities for its environment and business practices. Despite the fact medical marijuana businesses have created thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in state tax revenues for medically legalized states, it remains prohibited by federal law.

According to The New Era Times, an online newspaper, the "(United States) government is willing to spend over $40 billion (a very low estimate) and arrest hundreds of thousands of people a year to enforce hemp/marijuana laws and forgo a substantial tax base that could bring in billions by providing over $35 billion a year in cash crops for farmers."

Perlowin's wife, Svetlana, is no stranger to CBS' 60 Minutes. In 1984, Sveltana Ogorodnikov was convicted of being a Russian spy. The 'Spy Who Couldn't Go Home' scandal was the most watched 60 Minutes show in their history. She was also featured on "The Best of 60 Minutes for the decade of the 80's, "Mike Wallace Remembers 25 years of 60 Minutes," and "35 years of 60 Minutes." Additionally, Perlowin's co-founder of Medical Marijuana, Inc., Don Steinberg, was also featured on 60 Minutes for his role as the largest marijuana smuggler in US history, back in the 70's.

Today, while Medical Marijuana, Inc. airs on 60 Minutes, Perlowin and his wife, Svetlana will meet with a film crew to be interviewed for an upcoming television show on them for the Discovery Channel. The show, Mystery in Paradise, will highlight how Svetlana helped the FBI solve a psychopathic serial murder case.

Svetlana, Perlowin's wife of 35 years, is also one of the co-founders and one of the largest shareholders of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP). On the horizon for the couple, is a major motion picture on Perlowin's life as the 'King of Pot' as featured on CNBC's "Marijuana, Inc. Inside America's Pot Industry" in 2008, which was the most watched documentary in CNBC history. The documentary is still re-airing 4 years later. (http://www.cnbc.com/id/28281668)

Even with mass publicity, a Discovery Channel show, a motion picture in the works and a reality show featuring the company's products (in which three segments have already been filmed), Perlowin remains humble and is proud of how other marijuana companies are moving forward. "It’s gratifying to see the concept and company that I founded soar to new heights as the new management gets national media recognition. Although I have moved on to another venture in the same industry, I am proud that my legacy is provoking worldwide interest," Perlowin stated.

Forging a path in the industrial hemp industry, while educating consumers on the many uses of industrial hemp, Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) (http://www.hemp.com), is also producing hemp-based products proven to increase the body's overall health and performance. The company boasts HerbaGenix™ nutraceuticals (herbagenix.com); BasicHemp (http://www.basichemp.com), their hemp protein shakes brand; and, custom-branded MJ Lover for Him and MJ Lover for Her (http://www.mjlover.com) and Re-Load Hemp nutraceuticals (http://www.re-load.biz) which is derived from a blend of organic nutrients, herbs, and vitamins including hemp extract (0.00% THC) and AFA blue-green algae which is known for its healthful effects.

Not only has Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) been flooding the market with health products, its CEO, Bruce Perlowin is quite the philanthropist, according to inside sources. "Bruce Perlowin is an interesting character. Very philanthropic. His journey reminds me of the 'Catch Me If You Can' movie," says David Tobias, President of Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP).

Perlowin donates to Dr. Patch Adams' of Gesundheit! Institute who is building a 50 million dollar, free children's hospital in West Virginia. The institute is a not-for-profit health care organization and is a project in holistic medical care based on the belief that one cannot separate the health of the individual from the health of the family, the community, the world, and the health care system itself (see http://www.PatchAdams.org). Other efforts Perlowin donates prolifically to include the Cash Hyde Foundation Fundraiser with Tommy Chong (http://www.CashHydeFoundation.com); The CanDo Kids Project (http://www.CanDoProject.com); C Bar J Horsehaven Rescue, in Dolan Springs, Arizona (http://www.cbarjrescue.wetpaint.com); Spread Peace USA - Feeding the Homeless (http://www.facebook.com/spreadpeaceusa); and, Keepers of the Wild, to build an 1,800 acre animal sanctuary on 4,000 acres in Dolan Springs, Arizona (http://www.KeepersOfTheWild.com).


HEMP, Inc. (OTC:HEMP) focuses on the vast market created by the quickly emerging, and growing, multibillion dollar industrial hemp industry. HEMP, Inc. is not involved in the cultivation or marketing of medical marijuana. It is the company's belief that legalization of hemp in all 50 states and at the federal level will come to pass. With that in mind, the company is building infrastructure with the potential to gain substantial market share before and after industrial hemp prohibition ends. (Pending any federal licensing or other requirements, that may be enacted after hemp prohibition ends).


Hemp, Inc. (OTC: HEMP) seeks to benefit many constituencies, not exploit or endanger any group of them. Thus, the publicly-traded company believes in "upstreaming" of a portion of profit from the marketing of their finished hemp goods back to its originator, in which most cases will be the American farmer, cultivating natural, sustainable products. By Hemp, Inc. focusing on comprehensive investment results—that is, with respect to performance along the interrelated dimensions of planet, people and profits— our triple bottom line approach can be an important tool to support sustainability goals.

CEO of Hemp, Inc., Bruce Perlowin, is positioning the company as a leader in the industrial hemp industry, with a social and environmental mission at its core. In fact, he wanted to, consciously, found a business with non-financial goals that weren’t an after-thought, but were part of its DNA. For example, a percentage of proceeds of the hemp.com products are donated to PatchAdams; Kin's Domain (http://www.kinsdomain.us) which uses natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials; and, an overall use of renewable energy sources.


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