Herpes Treatment Site Debunks the 7 Most Common Herpes Myths

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In order to educate consumers of the truth about HSV treatments and the herpes simplex virus, HerpesTreatmentSite.com reveals its list of the top 7 most common herpes myths misconstrued as facts.

Herpes Treatment Site's Top 7 Herpes Myths Revealed

Herpes Treatment Site's Top 7 Herpes Myths Revealed

As a herpes treatment expert, http://www.herpestreatmentsite.com is constantly evaluating the top ways to suppress cold sores and genital HSV outbreaks. In order to educate consumers about herpes fact versus fiction, it is debunking the top 7 herpes myths that are often misconstrued online.

Top 7 Herpes Myths Revealed

1. Genital Herpes Can Only be Caused by HSV 2.
A person with oral herpes type I can give genital herpes to his partner through oral sex. This will result in an HSV 1 outbreak on the genital region.

2. People with HSV Herpes Cannot Give Blood.
According to the American Red Cross, individuals infected with the herpes virus can donate blood provided they are feeling healthy.

3. You Can Only Contract Herpes Through Sexual Intercourse.
Herpes can be spread through oral contact with the mouth or genital region.

4. Every Person Who Has the Herpes Simplex Virus Knows He is Infected.
Some people who have contracted HSV 1 and HSV 2 are not aware they are infected and experience no symptoms. Even though these individuals do not have outbreaks, they can still pass the virus on to others.

5. Cold Sores are Not Herpes.
Cold sores (also known as fever blisters) are a form of herpes usually caused by HSV type I.

6. Prescription Drugs are the Only Effective Herpes Treatment Method.
All-natural herpes treatments exist that can effectively suppress recurrent herpes outbreaks. These methods are cheaper and often more effective than prescription drugs.

7. It is Impossible to Suppress the Herpes Virus.
Taking an all-natural antiviral herpes treatment can not only help to encourage the healing of current outbreaks, but can suppress the virus within the infected cells.

Editor's Notes: HerpesTreatmentSite.com was founded to help provide answers and support for both those infected with HSV 1, HSV 2 or shingles and others who are simply interested in learning about the herpes virus.

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