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Home Cash Profits is a program that has been under a lot of scrutiny recently for its spurious advertising tactics. InternetBusinessInnerCircle.com takes a look at the program in a new blog post.

Home Cash Profits is generating a lot of criticism due to what many people have noticed are dishonest advertising tactics. The main reason for the large amount of Home Cash Profits complaints seems to come from those who have signed up for the program based on information from what seem like legitimate news articles, only to later realize that the article they viewed was not actually published by the news source it was purported to come from.

Thousands of people have received emails from those in their contacts list, advising them to check out the news article about a brand-new very profitable internet business opportunity called Home Cash Profits. However, neither the email nor the news article are what they seem to be.

While the emails seem to come from people that the recipients know this is actually because the program hijacks the senders email address and starts automatically sending out these emails to people on the person’s contact list. Most people do not even realize that they have been hijacked. Because the email comes from someone they know, most people do not think twice about clicking the link contained in the email that leads to the “news article”.

The news article is actually a replica of a previously published MSNBC article; however changes have been made to make it seem that Home Cash Profits was the online business opportunity that was mentioned as one of the best. The URL for the article also uses some clever sub domain placement to make it seem that the article is hosted on the MSN site. However, this is not the case.

Because of this, many have signed up to the program without reading the fine print that states that aside from the small start up fee, those who join the program will also be charged a large monthly fee if they do not cancel their subscription within 3 days. Cancellation of the subscription is also difficult as the company does not provide very good customer support. This has resulted in many people being unable to stop the charges from being taken without dealing with their credit card company directly.

Home Cash Profits, however, denies all responsibility for the false advertising, claiming that these ads are being placed by affiliates that they have no control over. This is a point of contention, as many claim that putting a stop to the ads would be easy enough if the company was serious about doing so.

Regardless of who is to blame for the shady advertising practices, it still stands that anyone who is interested in an online job or business opportunity should be sure to do their research no matter how trustworthy the source seems. This is an absolute must if the program or website asks for credit card details or other personal information. Until Home Cash Profits reviews the situation with the false news articles and rectifies the problem it is unlikely that smart consumers will trust them as the legitimate home income opportunity that they claim to be.

A full Home Cash Profits review gives more information on the company and its practices.

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