Best Phoenix Home Security Systems Companies Revealed by the Home Security Professionals at

Residents of Phoenix can now log onto to view the rankings of the best home security systems in the city. The new research aims to be a reliable resource to assist residents to choose the best home security system that suits their requirements

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To find the best home security systems visit ConsumerResearchers.

(PRWEB) April 01, 2014

Phoenix Arizona, or Valley of the Sun as it is known colloquially, is the capital of Arizona and the sixth most populous city in the United States. Culture rich and home to some of America’s only remaining real cowboys, it is a city that is a real hive of activity that is built on historical foundations. However, as with any city that is densely inhabited, Phoenix is also prone to succumb to crime and has over 60,000 property crimes a year.

While the cowboys were more than capable of protecting their homes back in the day, 60,000 property crimes is a little out of reach nowadays and other measures must be made in order to ensure that a safe home is maintained. has devised a rankings table of the best home security companies in Phoenix in order to assist residents on their quest to make their home a safe haven.

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According to NeighbourhoodScout, the crime rating for Phoenix scores a measly 10 out of 100, with 100 being the safest. Due to having a figure that is this shockingly low, home security should be an absolutely imperative priority if residents don’t want to find themselves becoming another statistic; if the opportunity for burglars is taken away, this will reduce the crime rate as a whole, not just for one household. is a team of research professionals who take into consideration feedback and analysis in order to methodically analyse data and produce accurate results for the consumer. The key goal is to help people find the home security system that suits their needs and allows them to sleep soundly at night.

The rankings are completely organic and never devised from paid or sponsored advertisements; the experts at ConsumerResearchers believe that is important never to compromise their integrity as a research company and only ever offer the consumer meaningful home security company rankings to help them with their search.

Frontpoint came top of the list, with a perfect score of 10/10 that is based on everything from accreditation standards, how much the system costs on a monthly basis and how stringent the monitoring is. ADT came in close second, also with a score of 10/10, but with different characteristics. Protect America, Life Shield and Vivnt followed in extremely close fashion, coming in third, fourth and fifth place consecutively.

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Spokesperson Ed Mitchell said: "Phoenix is one of the most community minded cities in America, but its large size also means that crime will be a factor.

“60,000 is a massive number of property crimes and homeowners should take this extremely seriously if they want to protect their homes and families.

“By looking for a home security system, homeowners will not just be playing an active part in looking after their property and possessions, but will also help to reduce the amount of burglaries on a larger scale by removing opportunity from the grasp of a burglar.

“Our mantra at ConsumerResearchers is to offer residents the chance to look for a home security system that suits their needs and requirements, allowing them to buy with real confidence”