New Houston, TX Healthy Lifestyle Program Blends Fitness, Nutrition, Weight Loss With Incentives, Fun To Tackle Obesity In 6th Fattest City

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Houston, Texas-based X Factor Fitness introduces a fitness and weight loss program that combines the best parts of summer camp with fitness, diet and team support to help individuals and employees successfully acquire healthy lifestyle habits.

Summer camp's all grown up!

No kids, no skeeters! Summer camp's all grown up and combines fitness, nutrition, incentives, prizes and fun to help folks reach a healthy weight and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

XFactor's fitness camp awards prizes and cash to its Houston, TX participants simply for consistently practicing lifestyle habits including fitness and good nutrition. Participants build healthy habits for a lifetime, resulting in healthy weight maintenance without yo-yo weight loss.

Created by Matt Trudo, BSN, MS and Cooper Clinic and National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and Carol Nave, MS-Counseling and Cooper Clinic certified personal trainer, X Factor's program builds on the five success factors that research shows enable people to successfully acquire healthy lifestyle habits.

Says Carol Nave, "No kids, no skeeters! Summer camp's all grown up and combines fitness, nutrition, incentives, prizes and fun to help folks reach a healthy weight and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime."

1) Personalized approach

Most group fitness programs and fitness franchises in Houston, TX use a "one-size-fits-all" cookie-cutter approach. Participants follow a uniform protocol and must adjust their schedules to the convenience of the fitness instructor or limited franchise business hours.

XFactor's campers develop personal goals which guide the activities of small three-person fitness teams. Some campers identify lifestyle goals - for example, "I want to lift my baby without straining my back." Others identify performance goals - for example, "I want to improve my half-marathon time." A certified personal trainer coaches each small group training team twice weekly at a time that fits the group's schedule at X Factor's Houston, TX Galleria location.

2) Practical application

Houston, TX-based diet and weight loss programs often devote hours to nutrition lectures. Health clubs often rely on preprinted meal plans which are not easily adapted to individual preferences or dietary needs. Neither approach allows for the "give and take" discussion necessary to adapt dietary advice to the real world.

X Factor's campers enter what they eat online in a confidential password-protected profile, then talk with their coach by phone and email to spot patterns of success and opportunity to refine what they're doing. Private weigh-ins help track results.

3) Supportive, fun environment

Many health club boot camps, personal trainers, and employers offer reality-TV-inspired weight loss programs which create a stressful and competitive environment among participants.

The X Factor program offers a different healthy adventure every Saturday. Barbecues, cooking demos, special workshops and creative fitness activities allow campers to practice and celebrate their new healthy habits. A family picnic allows them to practice healthy habits in a social setting and include friends and family in the celebration.

4) Straight talk

Houston, TX residents face overwhelming amounts of often-conflicting information and advice discourages many people trying to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Weekly half-hour virtual roundtables led by X Factor staff address common questions about conflicting health information, explain which healthy habits matter most, and provide campers with a forum for brainstorming practical tips to help healthy habits stick.

5) Incentives and rewards

Many weight loss programs, personal trainers and boot camps focus on short-term goals like quick weight loss that promptly disappear after the program ends.

X Factor's camp offers weekly prizes and cash awards that motivate campers to create the habits they want for a lifetime. Special pricing encourages campers to extend their participation to eight weeks, creating even more opportunity to reinforce healthy new habits.

Learn more about X Factor's "better than boot camp" approach to fitness, nutrition, weight loss and healthy lifestyles for Houston, TX residents.

X Factor Fitness Solutions provides corporate and individual health, fitness and wellness programs. Employers: download free tips at Gamechangers: How The Smartest Smaller Businesses Manage Health Costs.


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