Avoid Foreclosure Expert, James Griffis, Announces the Launch of the New Website AvoidForeclosure.com

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Getting help to avoid foreclosure can be an exhausting experience for homeowners. James Griffis, a foreclosure expert at Avoid Foreclosure, announces the website launch of AvoidForeclosure.com. The website is designed to help struggling homeowners searching for alternative options to prevent or stop foreclosure.

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Acting swiftly during the initial stages of the foreclosure process is how some homeowners are beating foreclosure and reversing the trend of high foreclosure statistics.

It is possible to avoid foreclosure, but few homeowners have immediate access to resources that teach them how to apply the information to their own unique situation. Some banks and mortgage lenders can be uncooperative with homeowners that have fallen 30 to 90 days past due or longer on a mortgage. Acting swiftly during the initial stages of the foreclosure process is how some homeowners are beating foreclosure and reversing the trend of high foreclosure statistics. Foreclosure expert, James Griffis, announces the launch of the http://www.avoidforeclosure.com website. This new website is designed to provide helpful information to individuals and families facing foreclosure.

The increase of foreclosures in Michigan, Arizona, Texas and Florida has been publicized in the national spotlight for last few years. In some of these cases, homeowners that started out with what they thought was the perfect mortgage have been devastated by job loss and other financial hardships. According to recently published housing studies, Foreclosure can happen to any homeowner or landlord and there is little information that is available publicly to stop it. The helpful articles written by industry specialists in foreclosure at AvoidForeclosure.com are designed to help more people find alternatives to the process of foreclosure.

When banks and mortgage companies make the decision to foreclose, homeowners can often be shocked and frustrated by these decisions. After 30 days of missed mortgage payments, the process of foreclosure is usually started by a bank or mortgage lender in most states. Homeowners that fall behind on their mortgage can find out that mortgage lenders frequently expedite the foreclosure process. "The average foreclosure now takes only 3 to 4 months to file and complete compared to 18 months or more a few years ago," according to James Griffis of Avoid Foreclosure. "The recent drop in interest rates and other market fluctuations is causing banks struggling to make up for lost revenue to expedite foreclosures," Griffis added. Escalating foreclosures could provide a bank or mortgage lender with the chance of acquiring a property to sell to a qualified buyer. This is a chance that some banks and lenders are willing to explore. 

"The solution to stopping foreclosure is acting before it is too late to save a home," said Griffis. Consulting with a specialist that understands foreclosure and the emotional impact that it takes on someone is comforting. There are few options that can be explored once a date of sale has been set for a home. Homeowners around the country can now use the new website of AvoidForeclosure.com to receive accurate and up-to-date information about how to stop foreclosure.

About AvoidForeclosure.com

AvoidForeclosure.com was founded in 2012 to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. As one of the first foreclosure help centers to be accessible free of charge online, AvoidForeclosure.com has representatives in every state that know the foreclosure laws and how to help homeowners stop foreclosure fast.

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