Releases New Guide: “How to Find a Lost Phone”

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The question of how to find a lost phone is increasingly common. The following guide from will help owners spend less time trying to find lost phones and reveal how technology now makes it possible for lost phones to find their owners.

Now, with Okoban, any lost cell phone or other valuable can find its owner. Often, the lost valuable finds the owner before the owner realizes the item is lost. offers a new guide “How to Find a Lost Phone”. The question of how to find a lost phone is increasingly common. According to the insurance provider Asurion, about thirty million cell phones go missing each year. A 2011 Ponemon Institute study reveals that of the 142,706 smart phones lost or missing in their benchmark sample, only 9,298 (or 7 percent) were recovered. The problem is not that lost cell phones are never found; they almost always get found by someone. The problem is that most likely the finder has no way to contact the owner and they remain lost.

1- Be Prepared Before the Inevitable Happens
There are many apps and services designed to help find a lost cell phone. The problem with most of these services is that they won't work if the phone is not turned on or the battery has gone dead. Most of these services also include an annual subscription fee that adds up considerably over time. Okoban® tracker tags from solves these problems by connecting finders with owners quickly, securely and privately, anywhere in the world, even if the phone is not functioning. Finders simply enter the tracker tag’s Unique Identification (UID) code and the recovery location on the Okoban website. The system then immediately notifies the owner, anywhere in the world, with a secure email, text message and Facebook message identifying the recovery location. The purchase of Okoban tags includes lifelong coverage in the system. There are no recurring fees.

2- Do the Obvious First
Call your phone and listen. It may be nearby. Send a text, possibly offering a reward. If the phone has not already been put in storage someone may respond.

3- Retrace Recent Locations
After searching the immediate area, try retracing the locations that the lost phone has been in most recently such as home, car, office, restaurants or the gym. If physically searching these locations is not practical borrow a phone and try contacting someone at those locations. Small business retailers and service providers often place lost items in storage so be prepared to give a detailed description.

4- Report It
If all else fails and it looks like the phone cannot be returned, report it lost. Notification should go to the police and your service provider to have your account suspended, otherwise fraudulent and continuing charges could result. Some phone companies may require a police report in order to deactivate your account. Change passwords and logins on all accounts that would be accessible from the phone.

5- Learn from a Loss
It turns out that an ounce of prevention can be worth way more than a pound of cure. Okoban tracker tags can protect phones, laptops, tablets, passports, luggage, purses, cameras, keys, credit cards, pets and other valuables.

"Now, with Okoban, any lost cell phone or other valuable can find its owner," says Gordon Burns, CEO of My Stuff Lost and Found. "Often, the lost valuable finds the owner before the owner realizes the item is lost," says Burns.

Okoban is part of a global lost and found service that is free (no annual fees) and serves 400+ airline companies in more than 2,200+ airports and travel industry “frequent finders”, institutional lost and founds including TSA, rail, maritime, coach, rental car and hotel companies.

My Stuff Lost and Found, founded in 2012, provides convenient worldwide online sales and service of Okoban’s sturdy tracker tags for laptops, phones, tablets, passports, luggage, cameras, credit cards, pets and other valuables.

Purchase Okoban tracker tags online at

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