How to Lose Love Handles Fast Secrets Now Revealed in New Weight Loss Over 30 Video

How to lose love handles fast secrets are now revealed in a new weight loss over 30 video series. The new website,, is promoting a new weight loss series completely online targeted at adults age 30 and over that want to lose weight fast.

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How to Lose Love Handles | Ab Exercises Free Video
Scientific information and real life case study examples are provided as an alternative to help adults over 30 change their appearance and get closer to living a healthier life.

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) August 01, 2012

How to lose love handles fast is covered in a new video series targeted at adults over the age of 30. The average person begins to take on extra weight that cannot be burned by normal metabolism after age 30 according to medical journals. One website,, is promoting a new video series aimed at adults that want to get a flat stomach back or for the first time in life. The free tips that are revealed in the video are one method that adults can use to shed extra weight and get a tighter and firmer stomach in less than 30 days.

Recent health studies have reported that over two thirds of adults are now overweight or classified as obese. The BMI scale that is used to measure the body metric index is one of the most popular measurement tools that hospitals and physicians use when treating patients that are seeking weight loss programs. A higher than average body mass is one of the factors that can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other series medical conditions that have no absolute cure. The average physician can instruct a person to make lifestyle changes as early as possible in adulthood to avoid the risks of destructive weight gain.

The weight loss industry earns currently over a billion dollars from the sales of machinery and weight loss supplements that are created in pharmaceutical labs. Personal trainers that teach basic fitness and healthy eating can often be out of the price range of the average person that seeks to drop excess body weight. The video training series now promoted at the website teaches free and informative information that any adult can use to get in better shape fast.

There are certain foods that a person can include in a daily diet that can help combat weight gain. These foods when combined with simple abdominal exercises have been reported to work for adults that have lost stubborn belly fat. Intensive workout routines, jogging and the use of exercise equipment are not taught in the video training. The breakdown of scientific information and real life case study examples are provided as an alternative to help adults over 30 change their appearance and get closer to living a healthier life.


Since weight loss affects over two thirds of the U.S. population, the website was launched as an alternative to diets and other forms of weight loss that average people struggle with each day. An in-depth series of abdominal training is covered in the streaming videos available. All of the information is factual and taught by a leading fitness expert that has written thousands of health related articles for popular fitness magazines. The comprehensive and easy to follow videos are directly accessible through the website.