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How to stop snoring without a CPAP
How to stop snoring?

How to stop snoring is a problem which, literally, keeps people awake at night. A lot of people believe the only way to stop snoring is through a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device.

In addition to being uncomfortable, these devices require regular maintenance and make noise which can disturb a peaceful night's slumber. The hose which connects the face mask to the air compressor can also get tangled and is a general nuisance.

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There is a way to stop snoring with spending massive amounts on pillows which often don't work, surgery, a CPAP or other devices. The SleepPro is a jaw support device that is comfortable to wear, has no hoses or attachments and doesn’t require power or regular maintenance.

It works by keeping the lower jaw comfortably and naturally held in place. This increases space in the airway, reduces air velocity when breathing and almost eliminates soft tissue vibrations. The tongue can slide back in the mouth, making breathing even more difficult. Snoring is caused when the airways are restricted and soft tissue begins to vibrate from the force of inhaled or exhaled air.

As people age, changes in their body make snoring more likely and more intense. This natural effect is also made worse by drinking, smoking, sleep posture and being overweight. Still, the SleepPro can help deliver a restful night s sleep.

The SleepPro a tested Class 1 medical device recommended by the NHS, sleep study clinics and health professionals from around the world. It is both lightweight and soft.

The SleepPro comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Order now received a second SleepPro free. Each order also comes with an American Medical Review DVD and the 7 Steps to Sleep Success book at no charge.

The SleepPro has been around since 1998. For more than a decade, people who wondered how to stop snoring have found the relief they need with this durable device.

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