Searching For HR Jobs In A Downturn

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People Management look at ways that people can find HR Jobs online, with many roles available, despite the economic downturn.

This is the most challenging job market for 20 years, and it would be very easy to panic in the face of murmurings about double dip recessions. However, the rules of job seeking stay the same, whatever the economic climate, and the lovely folks at People Management have published five top tips to follow in your hunt for your perfect human resources job.

TIP ONE: Firstly, you need to stand out from the crowd without using gimmicks. There are too many candidates who fail to make an impact and far too many CVs that go straight in the ‘no’ pile. Once you have secured an interview you can control to an extent what is being said in the room. However, if you want to encourage unadvertised roles to drift in your direction and actually get the interviews in the first place, then it’s hugely important for you to actively manage the things that people are saying about you when you are not in the room.

TIP TWO: The second tip for people seeking hr jobs is to avoid at all costs the fate of being stuck in a recession rut. There is a real risk of using an out of date approach in today’s market. Perhaps driven by a fear of failure, hr job seekers can be too passive in their career planning, continuing to seek “safe” jobs with big employers, chasing fewer and fewer job adverts, and keeping their heads down to avoid redundancy.

TIP THREE: Stop getting in the way of your own progress is the third tip from People Management. Everybody has barriers to change, be they external barriers such as the state of the market, the jobs available, the qualifications, necessary experience, or internal barriers, which are the limitations we place on ourselves. These are the most significant barriers and the image and aura we present to others is key in the human resources job market.

TIP FOUR: The fourth tip is to ensure that you are making the most of the achievements and skills you already have, showing off your talents and highlighting competencies. When you apply for an hr job blagging it in the application or the interview room is not the way forward. Employers like to see a candidate’s competencies, so make sure they are front and centre!

TIP FIVE: Finally, make your change as good as the rest. There are too many job seekers that project an unclear or untargeted message in their search for a new hr role. Make the opening page of your CV have the right impact, think carefully about wording in interview and make sure that people remember you for the right reasons in networking circles. Manage your message and let potential employers know what you are looking for!

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