Indoor Growing More Attractive as Municipalities Including Yuba City Ban Outdoor Growing

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Take it inside! That’s what the City Council of Yuba City said yesterday when it passed an urgency ordinance immediately banning residents from growing medical marijuana outdoors, according to the Appeal Democrat. Phototron, the leading online growing systems manufacturer, says this move isn’t the end of the world—and that its solutions offer growers an easy and elegant transition to growing cannabis indoors.

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As the various layers of government crack down on outdoor marijuana growing, even in states where medical cannabis is allowed by law, many are turning to indoor growing in order to get affordable access to the medicine they need

Phototron Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT) (OTCQB: PHOT), the Los Angeles hydroponic grow box company behind the “grow your own” revolution, says that although Yuba City’s swift move to ban outdoor growing this week is causing people stress and grief, many people are sure to discover growing indoors a safer, easier and more convenient option for growing medicinal cannabis.

“As the various layers of government crack down on outdoor marijuana growing, even in states where medical cannabis is allowed by law, many are turning to indoor growing in order to get affordable access to the medicine they need,” said Craig Ellins, Phototron’s CEO. “The Phototron allows you to grow indoors easily and with very little investment, since it requires no additional lighting, plumbing or electrical upgrade Everything you need is self-contained with the Phototron. You simply plug it in and grow.

“Growers no longer need to invest in setting up large hydroponic systems that take up an entire room or even smaller setups, like the standard 4’ X 4’ trays that require 16 square feet of floor space. They also don’t need auxiliary components like a water reservoir, coolers, fans and other things that take up additional space.”

Phototron says that there are many other advantages to consider, including:

#1 Grow Year Round
Being able to grow in a controlled environment is one of the greatest benefits of an indoor growing system. In addition to providing shelter from inclement weather, snow, frost, humidity and heat waves, gardeners can control the number of daylight hours.

#2 Grow in Small Areas
Would-be gardeners with space limitations like apartments and condos, can still garden indoors. All of the Phototron grow cabinets are only 21 inches wide and deep, so they take up less than 2 square feet of indoor floor space. That means that they can be located almost anywhere—even a kitchen countertop.

#3 Protected from Invaders
There is nothing worse to a gardener than going out to harvest their crops and finding that a gopher, rabbit, or burglar literally ate their lunch. Indoor growing prevents these types of situations.

#4 Guaranteed Natural
Personal indoor gardens eliminate the health risks associated with things like pesticides, E. coli and salmonella. Indoor gardeners also get the 100% of the available nutritional value because their fruits and veggies go directly from the plants to their plates.

#5 Water Efficiency Makes it Really Green
In a Phototron indoor hydroponic system, water is conserved because it only uses 10% of the water typically used in an outdoor garden and only requires 10% of the nutrients.

#6 Energy Efficiency Makes it Affordable
Phototron systems take advantage of energy-saving LED technology. Phototron’s vertical system, which produces only the red and blue spectrums that the plants want and need to grow, cost on average 20 cents per day to operate.

Requiring only standard 110 voltage, Phototron’s LED systems generate very little heat and last for up to five years with no degradation in performance after the first year. Phototron’s reflective panels also increase efficiency by increasing lumens without having to turn up the power.

#7 Automation through Advanced Technology
Phototron’s smart systems make the indoor growing experience less cumbersome and more rewarding. Phototron’s patent-pending Eco-Brain is a “set it and forget it” system that not only monitors the crops and optimizes plant growth, it literally teaches indoor gardeners how to grow with onscreen alerts and red alarm lights.

Phototron suggests purchasing a system that is proven to last. Phototrons are built to last for decades. In fact, many indoor growers continue to order nutrients and other supplies for Phototrons they purchased more than two decades ago.

For more information about indoor growing, or to purchase or inquire about carrying Phototron products, call (800) 651-2837 or go to

About Phototron Holdings, Inc.
Phototron Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: PHOT) (OTCQB: PHOT) designs and manufactures cutting-edge indoor mini-greenhouses capable of year-round growth of herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits and medicines, better, stronger and faster than traditional farming methods.

The Phototron Hydroponic Indoor Grow System, commonly called grow boxes, is built upon decades of research on the optimal temperature, light, water and nutrient needs of plants. The Phototron System uses proprietary lighting that mimics the sun's rays to grow nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, eco-friendly crops faster and in more bountiful quantities than those of traditional gardening methods, resulting in fruits and vegetables of superior taste and quality.

Phototron systems and accessories are available for purchase from the Company’s website. Phototron supports the sale and use of its products to the home medical marijuana market where compliant with applicable laws. Phototron also supplies a full range of parts, accessories and advanced nutrients to more than 50,000 customers.

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