'World Hypnotism Day' - January 4, 2007

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January 4, 2007 is World Hypnotism Day 2007 (WHD). WHD takes place annually, each January, following the New Year holiday. Event participants are professionals from the field of hypnotism representing various organizations spanning the globe, sharing expertise and promoting the truths and benefits of hypnotism.

The 2006 World Hypnotism Day involved thousands of participants, subjects and organizations, globally representing more than 20 countries.

Global expert on hypnosis and its practical uses, Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, has been researching human behavior for decades. Currently, more than 25,000 people have used Nicoli's methods to achieve goals, modify behavior or eliminate unwanted habits.

Nicoli provides five initial tenets as human foundation for keeping New Year resolutions, in honor of World Hypnotism Day 2007:

1. Reframe - People commonly focus on what they don't want. Reverse time spent thinking about 'don't want's' to time spent doing things you 'do want'.

2. Visualize - Maintain a strong mental reminder of the ultimate goal(s).

3. Relax - Frustration and anxiety limits one's ability to choose. Relax to regain focus upon the goal and release negative thoughts and emotions.

4. Distance - Mentally or physically move away from undesired focus to make goal achievement foreseeable and attainable.

5. Replace - Redirect feelings and activities that trigger unwanted behavior with positive thoughts and activities. The acronym F.A.T. (Fill All Time) is helpful in serving as a reminder to replace negative behavior patterns with positive actions.

Board Certified Hypnotist and Certified Instructor Tom Nicoli is available for appearances, interviews, case studies and demonstrations. Nicoli is a board certified hypnotist and certified instructor, published author, instructor, and expert source on hypnotism. He was the original founder of World Hypnotism Day.

Nicoli's demonstrations focus on self-hypnosis instruction to audience groups or individuals who want to modify or redirect unwanted behavioral habits.

For Additional Information: http://www.tomnicoli.com/press

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