Ibogaine Clinic Provides Ibogaine Treatment While Allowing LAD Solutions to Handle the Promotion

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Addiction is a vicious disease, often leaving its victims feeling out of control. With Ibogaine Therapy from the Ibogaine Treatment Center in Cancun, Mexico, more people who are addicted to drugs, heroin and alcohol are finding themselves with a solution to conquer this disease and live a better life.

Ibogaine Clinic

Ibogaine Clinic

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When a person is addicted to heroin or alcohol, many people have their own view on how the addiction should be handled. At the Ibogaine Treatment Center in Cancun, Mexico, medically licensed doctors have devised a new procedure known as Ibogaine Detox to help treat all types of addictions. To help with promoting the clinic and its rehabilitation programs is LAD Solutions, a firm based in Los Angeles that holds a strong reputation for their focus on Internet marketing. Ibogaine Clinic recently partnered up with LAD Solutions to strengthen its online presence and get the word out for this new treatment procedure.

Addictions have been a struggle for many patients for years. The cause of an addiction has been attributed to a variety of factors, including brain imbalance, trauma from the past, a difficult childhood, heredity and mental illness. These are all factors that require time and effort to break free from, and to detox the brain from cravings to self-medicate. While there is no easy way to cure this condition, with the help of Ibogaine therapy, more people are finding relief from the cravings and symptoms that come from overcoming addiction.

At the Ibogaine clinic, patients take a trip to the relaxing location of Cancun, Mexico. Here, they undergo Ibogaine treatments to help create a foundation for recovery. The initial stage lasts for approximately two weeks and includes detoxing the body to help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal and create better balance in the brain for mental cravings. Once the brain has reached a better point of balance, Ibogaine therapy begins work to uncover the reason behind the addiction. This is necessary for many patients as understanding the root of their disease provides immense benefit as they overcome the symptoms.

Dr. Alberto Sola and Dr. Luis Felipe de Jesus both run this rehabilitation clinic. These doctors not only have years of training in the Ibogaine therapy methods, but also are also devoted to their continued research to help advance this field. The doctors and trained medical staff are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so patients always have a resource available to them.

Through their partnership with Internet marketing experts, LAD Solutions, based in Los Angeles Calif., they have improved their online promotions to create awareness around this new form of therapy. With the Internet providing a great resource to family members and those who find themselves faced with addiction, and the expertise of LAD Solutions, the Ibogaine clinic has found itself with the ability to create more awareness around their unique form of therapy, which has allowed them to treat more people with addictions as a whole.

About Ibogaine Clinic: The Ibogaine Treatment Center in Cancun, Mexico, is a rehabilitation center that boasts high success rates of breaking people free from the confines of their addiction and getting them back on track for a healthier life. Managed by Dr. Alberto Sola and Dr. Luis Felipe de Jesus, this renowned facility has comfortable accommodations to keep patients comfortable and well taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit IbogaineClinic.com to learn more about the Ibogaine clinic and how it can help you or your loved one.

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