SOLUS Identity Theft Protection Launches Expansive, Broad-Spectrum Identity Protection

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Designed to deal with more than just simple credit card fraud, SOLUS Identity Theft Protection provides critical protection against a broad range or instances of identity theft. By combining critical guidance with real-time fraud alerts, complete credit monitoring including a credit lock feature, out-of pocket expense reimbursement insurance, a seasoned 24/7 multi-lingual identity restoration team, and extended legal and emotional trauma support - SOLUS Identity Theft Protection provides truly comprehensive identity protection.

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SOLUS Identity Theft Protection leverages significant, proven resources to deliver a feature-rich, comprehensive family-oriented protection.

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Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC launches SOLUS Identity Theft Protection, the company's full-featured solution for the ever increasing threat and risk of identity theft. SOLUS Identity Theft Protection delivers best-in-class protection services focused on prevention, detection, and restoration - comprehensive identity protection designed to safeguard the future of an individual, a family, and their lifestyle.

As the result of rapid, global technological development, personal information is obtained, transferred or sold, and used for fraudulent purposes - as quickly as the blink of an eye.

SOLUS Identity Theft Protection delivers multi-faceted identity theft protection focused on: Protection by minimizing risk through alerts, tips, news and guidance; Detection supported by Trans Union's complete credit monitoring package, and complete, full-service Identity Restoration delivered by a worldwide, multilingual 24/7 crisis response team with over 20 years of operational case-work experience.

Depending on the nature of the theft, the recovery process can involve countless government agencies, at the local, state and federal level. Because of legal concerns including the criminal nature of identity theft, fully recovering from an instance of identity theft can be time consuming, emotionally draining and costly. SOLUS Identity Theft Protection adds Expense Reimbursement Coverage and extended Legal and Emotional Care benefits to deal with these complex issues.

Identity theft can happen any where - in the home, on the job, across town, in a different state or on a different continent. Thanks to recent news, consumers recognize the growing risk of identity theft, but have little idea as to a course of action regarding mitigation or prevention. SOLUS Identity Theft Protection delivers answers and solutions through an intuitive website located at . By delivering information in easily digested pieces, the website provides both a 30,000 ft overview and a detailed, street-level view as to the steps necessary for protection from becoming a victim of identity theft.

The nature of identity theft has grown beyond simple credit card fraud to include instances of medical benefits fraud, employment or housing misrepresentation, government benefits fraud and every form of financial or credit fraud imaginable. As a result, identity theft can not be completely prevented. Adequate protection requires a broad-based plan with features designed to deal with identity theft threats and consequences.

Recent news validates the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft can be reduced, but not eliminated. Just how easy is it to become a victim? Recent headlines include major instances of data breach or loss by a teacher at a major mid-western university, a public school district employee, a government agency who experienced a paper jam, and a used computer server for sale on the internet. All of these were human error, unlike the incident involving hackers who recently sold millions of personal records to criminal organizations on the internet - with potentially disastrous consequences for those whose data was breached.

"With roots in old-fashioned stealing and dumpster diving, modern thieves employ increasingly sophisticated forms of skimming, phishing and pretexting to obtain your personal information. Then they turn around and use that information for all sorts of fraudulent behavior - including acts such as trying to claim medical benefits or obtain employment. Effective protection must be broad-based to deal with both the credit and ever-increasing non-credit oriented instances of identity theft." says Rob Berger, Managing Director, Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC. "SOLUS Identity Theft Protection leverages significant, proven resources to deliver a feature-rich, comprehensive family-oriented protection."

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release, to enroll, or for information about imbedding SOLUS Identity Theft Protection in your existing employee or customer benefits package, please visit, use the Contact Information, or listen to the Podcast attached to this release. Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC is wholly owned by Protection Marketing Group, LLC with it's headquarters located in St. Louis, Missouri.

This release contains some of the trademarks or logos of Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC including the registered trademark "SOLUS Identity Theft Protection"; any unauthorized use of same is strictly prohibited and all rights are reserved by Identity Theft Protection Pro, LLC and it's affiliated companies.

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