Chipotle’s Grammy Upstaging Ad Scores Major Points For Their Brand Identity

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Chipotle’s first ever commercial released during the 2012 Grammy’s created a mega buzz in the advertising and social media community. Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc., a leader in identity branding, graphic design, and advertising, discusses the importance of this ad for their brand identity.

Designing an advertisement that really strikes a chord with the audience harnesses the power of emotions.

The Grammy’s, known for celebrities and glamour, may be remembered most for an advertisement. Chipotle’s wildly popular animated commercial, which uses cute puppets to portray the dark side of factory farming, and emphasizes the food chains commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, has made huge waves in the social media and advertising community. In the wake of the social media buzz following this ad, Chipotle’s message emphasizing environmentally friendly practices, has certainly strengthened their brand identity.

Jared Braverman, Director of Marketing at Titan List & Mailing Services, Inc., a leading advertising and design firm, states “Chipotle has scored big points for their brand identity with that ad. Many people think of brand identity as simply designing a logo, but it’s bigger than that. You recognize Burberry from the fabric pattern, Apple for having trendy designs, or Coca Cola from their bottle; now people will remember Chipotle for being environmentally friendly. A brand identity should be so memorable that just the color scheme, slogan, logo, or even sounds, identify the company to the consumer.”

Chipotle’s commitment to “food with integrity” started more than a decade ago, but this was the first commercial the chain produced for national television. It was produced in 2011, and while it was only released on Youtube and in previews at select movie theaters, Adweek named it the second best commercial of 2011. According to Braverman, “designing an advertisement that really strikes a chord with the audience harnesses the power of emotions. The Chipotle ad uses cute animated animals and people to tell the story of a farmer, who uses cruel factory farming methods, but learns from his mistakes and goes back to traditional farming methods. Chipotle’s brand identity is all about using sustainable practices and being environmentally friendly. As a fellow advertising designer and brand identity specialist, I was very pleased to see such a well-designed ad. Kudos to Chipotle!”


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