The Gemoro AuRACLE AGT-2 Electronic Gold Tester Allows Anyone To Test Gold With A Smartphone!

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The AuRACLE AGT-2 is the breakthrough that’s about to revolutionize the way that people test their gold, and its now available for pre-order at iGem.

The AuRACLE AGT2 Gold Tester - Available at

The AuRACLE AGT2 in use with an iPad

With the AuRACLE AGT2, professional gold testing simply becomes another feature of the multi-purposed smartphones most people already own.

A wise buyer would not instantly believe Gemoro in their claim that the AGT 2 is the most “advanced gold tester on the market today.” However, upon closer examination of the tester, this praise seems very well deserved. Perhaps the most immediate detail that catches a user’s eye would be the fact that the tester itself is simply consistent of a tiny pad and a pen with wires that plug right into any Apple iOS (iPad, iTouch, iPhone) or Android mobile device.

This ultra-portable gold tester generates instant results right on the screen of a smartphone, making it one of the sleekest and most appealing, user-friendly testers that the market has ever seen. The AuRACLE AGT-2 delivers an instant shock-factor to anyone who sees the device in use, whether it be a user’s clients, observers, or simple passersby. As part of its technical capacity, the AGT2 can test all colors of gold and all karat ranges between 6K and 24K. The tester can also identify is a substance is platinum. No gels, chemicals, or acids are necessary – the pen probe is pre-filled with enough liquid to perform up to 5,000 tests. The AGT2 can be calibrated with any karat gold, making calibration a simple and fast process. All the data from a test comes in a comprehensive and clean layout that requires no specialized knowledge to understand – it’s built to tell the user and the user’s clients/observers exactly what they want to know. For enhanced data interaction, the user can toggle between a simple numerical readout, a bar graph, or an analog meter display. In terms of gold testing in the 21st century, one simply cannot find a more portable, user-friendly, and data-oriented tester.

Gemoro's earlier tester, the AuRACLE AGT-1, set the standard for reliability and precision and the new AGT2 now exceeds it. When it first came out, the AGT1 also amassed a reputation for revolutionizing the gold testing industry. Its portability, precision, and simplicity made it clearly superior to other testers available at the time. Its popularity was so prominent that Ashley Broad and Les Gold, hosts of reality television’s Hardcore Pawn, gave it a riveting endorsement at JCK Las Vegas, generating strong retailer interest. “If it’s as easy as it looks here at the show, it’s going to work well with my staff in the store,” added host and pawn shop owner Les Gold. Gemoro’s AuRACLE line of testers has always held a reputation of simplicity and reliability that industry professionals have come to rely on. That’s why with the coming release of the new AGT-2, professionals are expecting the best technology and the finest quality, and rightly so. The release of the AGT-2 is guaranteed to provide a product that will exceed expectations and break industry standards.

Gemoro’s claim that the AGT2 is the most “advanced gold tester on the market today,” is most definitely true. This tester is revolutionary in multiple ways and is evidence of gold testers adapting to the needs of users in the 21st century. With the AGT 2, professional gold testing simply becomes another feature of the multi-purposed smartphones most people already own. For the first time ever, users have access to a tester that gives them the freedom to leave dangerous acid tests and outdated, bulky electronic testers at home, and simply bring a pen and a tiny pad (smaller than an iPhone) with them. If this tester has exceeded the expectations of the team of jewelry professionals at iGem Instruments, it will certainly surpass the expectations of users, owners, and observers. iGem’s mission is to give customers a specialized retailer where they know that they’re getting the best deals and the finest quality technology. As part of this mission, makes the AGT-2 available for pre-order right now. Jewelry professionals and personal enthusiasts alike can’t wait to get their hands on this technology. Join the movement, not only towards the future, but also towards superior technology that delivers what you want.

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