New Salimetrics Salivary IL-1 Beta Immunoassay Kit

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Salimetrics has just introduced a new immunoassay kit for salivary interleukin-1 beta (IL-1β). IL-1β is widely recognized as a key pro-inflammatory signaling molecule that is involved in multi-directional relationships between many biological systems in the body. With the Salimetrics salivary IL-1β kit, researchers can now reliably measure IL-1 beta in saliva, aiding studies that examine topics such as oral inflammatory diseases, stress and its effects on health, and the nature of relationships between salivary and circulating inflammatory biomarkers. The new salivary IL-1 beta assay makes use of Salimetrics reagents that improve the accuracy of results in saliva.

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IL-1 beta is a key pro-inflammatory signaling molecule released after infection, injury, or antigenic challenge, and is widely used as a biomarker of systemic inflammation.

Salimetrics has completed development of an immunoassay kit that is fully validated for the measurement of interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 β) in saliva samples.

A considerable amount of research is currently being devoted to the study of inflammation, the immune system, and the interaction of these two systems with other major biological systems in the body. Salimetrics is leading the cutting-edge with high-quality salivary assays for inflammatory and immune markers, which researchers can add to their studies alongside the well-respected assays for stress hormones, sex hormones, and autonomic markers that Salimetrics already offers.

The Salimetrics product list currently contains two additional salivary immunoassay kits related to inflammation and immunity: C-reactive protein and secretory IgA. Salivary inflammatory markers IL-6 and TNF-Alpha are currently available through The Salimetrics Laboratory, while commercially available immunoassays are under development. As part of their current focus on markers of inflammation in saliva, The Salimetrics Laboratory will test a full panel of markers: IL-1 beta, IL-6, CRP, TNF-Alpha, and work within the researcher’s existing budget.

IL-1 beta is a key pro-inflammatory signaling molecule released after infection, injury, or antigenic challenge, and is widely used as a biomarker of systemic inflammation. Circulating IL-1 beta is primarily released from immune cells, but it is also secreted from a wide variety of other tissues. IL-1 beta is also present in saliva due to production by immune cells, various oral tissues, and cells in the saliva glands. Some circulating IL-1 beta also finds its way into saliva via the gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) that flows from the gum tissues next to the teeth.

The latest research suggests that salivary levels of IL-1 beta and other cytokines do respond to psychological stress or antigenic challenges outside the oral cavity in a fashion similar to that seen in circulation. This research advises that circulating and oral levels of these markers may be influenced by similar autonomic signaling pathways. IL-1 beta in saliva and GCF already have established uses in studies of periodontitis or other oral diseases, and preliminary studies have suggested that salivary IL-1 beta may also be useful as a marker of psychological stress. Further studies are required to explore the relationships of IL-1 beta and other cytokines in saliva to systemic inflammation and diseases outside the mouth.

Researchers interested in learning more details about the Salimetrics salivary IL-1β immunoassay kit may contact Salimetrics online or e-mail support(at)salimetrics(dot)com.

About Salimetrics:

Founded in 1998, Salimetrics, LLC supports researchers, the immunodiagnostic industry, and functional testing laboratories around the world with innovative salivary immunoassay products and services. Salimetrics’ assay kits and CLIA-certified testing services measure biomarkers related to stress, behavior and development, inflammation, and immune function, including: alpha-amylase, androstenedione, chromogranin A, cortisol, cotinine, C-reactive protein, DHEA, DHEA-S, estradiol, estriol, estrone, IL-1b, IL-6, melatonin, progesterone, 17α-hydroxyprogesterone, secretory IgA, testosterone, and TNF-Alpha. Salimetrics also provides salivary DNA analysis. The company is based in State College, Pennsylvania, with offices in the UK and distributors in Europe, Australia, India, and South America.

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