ILG Energy Helps in New Green Energy Initiatives

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New energy-saving, “green” technology, developed in Kenya, has won the praise of many environmentalists, as well as energy companies such as ILG Energy.

While the common stereotype is that energy companies and environmental activists are mortal enemies, always working at cross-purposes, the reality is that there are energy professionals all over the world, working tirelessly to promote green energy plans. A recent news report, coming from Nairobi, highlights this fact. The article underscores new energy-saving, “green” technology that has been implemented by Kenyan scientists and architects—and it has won the praise of many energy industry professionals, including a company called ILG Energy.

These Kenyan professionals are designing buildings with green roofs, covered in plant life. According to the new report, the purposes served by these new green roofs are many. For one thing, they serve to cool the interior of the buildings they cover. They also conserve energy and water, and ultimately help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These “gardens in the sky” are taking Nairobi by storm, as they not only provide energy-saving benefits, but also allow for unique gardening opportunities. In fact, many of these green roofs contain not just small bushes and plants, but larger forms of vegetation, including trees.

Naturally, these green roofs have won the praise of architects as well as green activists, but, perhaps surprisingly, they have also won acclaim from companies like ILG Energy. In a statement to the press, ILG Energy’s Joel Gremillion says his company supports any endeavors to make green energy more efficient, and more economic. “Because we work with many oil and gas companies, there are some who think that ILG Energy might be opposed to green energy,” says Gremillion. “The truth is, however, that our company has always enjoyed working with the developers of alternative fuel types. These green roofs coming out of Nairobi are excellent examples of taking a practical, creative approach to devising energy solutions.”

The Nairobi green roof is not just a creative solution to energy needs, but also a very cost-effective one. According to the news article, a roof costs only 15 to 20 dollars per square foot, but it can increase the overall value of the building by as much as 25%.

Meanwhile, ILG Energy is a company devoted to other kinds of energy solutions. ILG is staffed by many skilled Landmen; these are energy and land experts whose formal training includes everything from real estate law to geology. The company has long rendered its services to fuel companies throughout the country, offering lease acquisition services to a wide array of clients.


ILG Energy is a full-service land company that offers its services to the oil, gas and alternative energy industries. The company provides superior abstracting and lease acquisition services to a diverse array of clients. ILG is staffed by a group of skilled, well-experienced Landmen and support team members with high levels of expertise. The company realizes that the most difficult decision a business encounters is which companies it can trust, and as a result, ILG Energy is devoted to establishing itself as a land company of peerless reputation.

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