Appraisal Clause in Illinois Property Insurance Law Brings Tremendous Results for Hoag Law Group's Clients

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In 2010, Hoag Law Group, LLC. secured tremendous results for its clients by the use of the appraisal clause required in Illinois property insurance policies. In cases involving property damage, this clause allows the insured to contest the insurance companies offer. These results represents the Hoag Law Groups continued commitment to the community and to insureds rights.

Lynette Simmons Hoag

our experience with the unique terms of the appraisal clause and property damage has brought a tremendous amount of satisfaction in our clientele

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Hoag Law Group LLC. proprietors of announces a record recovery for clients by utilizing the appraisal clause in property insurance polices. This clause is required by Illinois law in all property insurance policies. The Hoag Law Group’s invocation of the appraisal clause has been 100% successful for their clients. Demands under the appraisal clause resulted in increased payouts to clients by 300% to 3000%. These cases represent the Hoag Law Group's continued commitment to the greater Chicago community. By providing a fair and honest assessment from nealry twenty years experience in recovering appropriate compensation for property damage claims the Hoag Law Group LLC. continues to set the standard in legal excellence.

The appraisal clause of property damage cases allows the insured a method of disputing property damage claims under their own policy. The appraisal clause is a provision in the insured person's policy required by Illinois Law that provides a process to resolve a dispute between the insured and the insurance company over the value of damaged property. When the insurance company makes a "lowball" offer and the insured rejects the offer, the appraisal clause allows the clients of the Hoag Law Group, LLC. to demand a higher value for their damaged property. This can be applied to business insurance, car insurance, home owners insurance, boat/RV insurance, any insurance that deals with physical property. By correctly implementing this insurance clause the insured can significantly alter the amount of restitution due from a property damage claim.

Because each case is unique in details and structure, it takes a highly skilled and experienced legal group, to get the maximum property damage recovery allowable by law. Using the expertise of the Hoag Law Group, clients have seen increases in restitution from 300% to 3000%. The Hoag Law Group at have experience not only with Illinois insurance law as it applies to each case, but also to each individual jurisdiction that the case is being heard in. As court procedures and judges vary, familiarity with the environment the case is being heard in is significant key to the Hoag Law Group, LLC.'s success.

The appraisal clause cases that the Hoag Law Group, LLC. have taken on have had a wide range of significant details and circumstances. The most common forms are property damage cases concerning damage to roofs and vehicles. However, the range of cases taken on this year by the Hoag Law Group at have also incorporated losses caused by storms and flooding, as well as damage to homes and outbuildings.

“It is our commitment to our clients which has made this such a successful year for our practice”, says Lynette Simmons Hoag, principle attorney at the Hoag Law Group, LLC. "By being responsive to their needs, and being honest and direct in our estimation of what their case is worth, we have been able to develop a high level of trust (with our clients). This coupled with our experience with the unique terms of the appraisal clause and property damage has brought a tremendous amount of satisfaction in our clientele, which has lead to more referrals. Of course it is not possible for the average insured to be familiar with and understand all the provision of their insurance coverage. This is why it is important to speak with a qualified professional, such as one of the attorneys at the Hoag Law Group, when making a significant insurance claim."

The success with property damage and demands under the appraisal clause can be attributed to a number of factors. Primary is the commitment to the clients. Phone calls, and correspondence are promptly made and returned. Experience with Illinois and Federal law as well as familiarity with the local judicial districts has also contribute significantly to their success. Finally time spent with the client in assessing their case has lead to a high level of trust in the service of the Hoag Law Group, LLC.


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