STATSERVE Helps Arizona Businesses Respond to Important Legal Notices

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STATSERVE™ provides a knowledgeable and competent statutory agent for Arizona companies, helping protect them from default judgments and revoked corporate status. Promptly upon receiving service, an attorney reviews all legal notices served, assesses what response is needed, and recommends a course of action. Businesses using STATSERVE™ can avoid the problems that may arise through mistake or inadvertence in responding to important legal notices served on companies.

If documents served on a company get misplaced or ignored, the results can be devastating

Arizona businesses can receive the full benefit of their corporate status through the use of STATSERVE™, a new statutory agent service offered by Mesa law firm Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC. The new service helps businesses avoid default judgments and revoked corporate status through the use of proprietary systems that ensure the legal notices to the company are handled properly.

Arizona law requires that every corporation or limited liability company identify a statutory agent authorized to receive legal notices. Companies that fail to properly respond to service of legal documents risk serious legal exposure, including having a default judgment entered against the company or having their corporate status revoked, which could lead to devastating and expensive consequences. STATSERVE™ allows companies to meet the legal requirements, while ensuring that legal notices are handled promptly, professionally, and confidentially.

Many business owners unwittingly create avoidable problems for themselves when they act as statutory agent for their companies, noted Scott Gibson, Managing Partner of Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC. Problems can arise unintentionally if the owner fails to update his address with the Arizona Corporation Commission when the company moves.

Other problems can arise through mistake or inadvertence. "If documents served on a company get misplaced or ignored, the results can be devastating," Gibson said.

Gibson related an instance where the receptionist at a company had a judgment entered against her when she failed to pay a creditor. When the creditor sought to garnish the woman's wages, she accepted service on behalf of the company and promptly discarded the garnishment papers. Because the employer did not respond to the garnishment, the creditor had a judgment entered against the employer. The business owner did not learn of the garnishment or the judgment until the creditor garnished the company's bank accounts.

"The business owner thought that he could get by without an outside statutory agent," Gibson said. "We were able to set aside the judgment against the company, but it cost the owner a considerable amount of money and some sleepless nights while we resolved this avoidable problem."

Under STATSERVE™, Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC serves as statutory agent for the company, handling all legal requirements in a professional and timely manner. The firm has developed proprietary systems and procedures to ensure that documents served during normal business hours are reviewed by an attorney, who promptly assesses how to respond to the documents and recommends a plan of action to the business owner. Because the services are provided by a law firm, the documents are handled in a dependable and confidential manner.

"In difficult economic times, business owners should not have to worry about avoidable problems," Gibson said. "STATSERVE™ will help business owners preserve, protect, and promote their business interests."

Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC helps its clients preserve, protect and promote their business and personal goals through proven legal strategies and systems. For more information about STATSERVE™ or about the Firm, please visit the Firm's website at or contact Frankie Vandehei at 480-633-8100.


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