INetU Names 10 Datacenter Design Flaws to Watch Out For

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Key physical and technological considerations to look for when choosing a secure datacenter facility

INetU is a leading managed hosting provider

INetU is a leading managed hosting provider

When choosing a datacenter to host a company’s environment, it’s important to consider all the variables that will come into play. Many times, a site tour of a potential datacenter will show a limited picture of the center’s inner workings. If companies don’t arm themselves with the proper questions to ask or the right things to look for during a tour, they could make the wrong choice.

“Typical datacenter security questions include, ‘Is there an authentication system to get into the datacenter? or ‘Do you have camera systems throughout the datacenter?,’” said Dev Chanchani, president of managed hosting provider INetU. “These are fine questions, but they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what you need to know when choosing a secure facility.”

With hardware and software safety in mind, here are 10 things to consider when choosing and determining the level of security for a managed hosting datacenter:

Prove It
Single factor authentication just doesn’t cut it when it comes to security. A two-factor authentication for access should be required. We all know how easy it is for an employee to lose their FOB or badge somewhere, and that means potential intruders can find it and let themselves in.

Stay Incognito
A good datacenter is like a good nightclub – it should be hidden from the general public. People in the know are the only one’s you want to attract. A datacenter should not be recognizable from the outside. The more boring and plain the building is, the more likely you’ll keep external threats at bay.

The More, the Merrier
Datacenter generators should have multiple fuel suppliers. This is important because if there is a serious issue, one provider is never enough. You should always have fallbacks.

Through the Roof
Making sure all datacenter walls extend to the roof is important. If the walls don’t extend to the roof, an intruder needs only to push a couple ceiling tiles out to bypass the physical security measures and enter the datacenter.

Fire Burnin’
Any decent datacenter will be equipped with a fire suppression system. One of the best is the FM200 system, which is the eco-friendly replacement for Halon due to the Montreal Protocol treaty.

Safety First
The physical environment of the facility itself should be safe. It’s important to take notice of things like how well the property is lit at night. Dark areas and shrubbery create hiding places for intruders.

Hidden Within
You never want to have a datacenter wall as part of the actual outside structure of the building. Datacenter walls should stand within the facility. Otherwise, you will be vulnerable to intruders who could potentially access your datacenter by simply going through the wall.

VIP Access Only
It’s never a good idea to give the cleaning service access to the entire building. Make sure the method of “Least Privilege” isn’t followed throughout a secured facility. It should take more than just the flash of a badge to gain full access.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Make sure the datacenter you are considering has cameras and backups located at all entrances and exits. As critical as camera units are, you must also verify that they are backed up in case of an incident.

These details may seem trivial, but make sure all datacenter doors are solid, and have at least three hinges. Doors hinges should be located on the inside. Even the strongest physical structure can be rendered worthless if someone can kick the door in.

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