Cellular DBMS Seeks Business Intelligence Beta Sites : Corporate Beta Sites Wanted for Revolutionary Infobionics Cellular DBMS(TM), The Next-Generation Solution for Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Data Mining

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Infobionics is challenging corporate CIOs and data warehouse managers to bring on their business intelligence, data warehouse and data mining problems as beta sites for the revolutionary, next-generation Infobionics Cellular Database Management System™ (Infobionics Cellular DBMS™). Unlike today’s static database management systems, the revolutionary Infobionics Cellular DBMS is the first fluid, dynamic solution for managing, navigating and querying data.

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Scheduled for general release in Q4 2008, and currently in beta test at U.S. intelligence agencies and select corporations, the Infobionics Cellular DBMS excels in complex data and knowledge applications, such as business intelligence, bio-informatics, and social networking type applications.

3 Ideal Beta Site Scenarios

Infobionics President Carl Bonta identified three ideal corporate beta scenarios:

Beta Scenario 1: Where the corporation's knowledge management application requirements are constantly changing. Current databases impose a rigid data model which takes significant time and expense to change. Infobionics allows corporations to create a dynamic data model that is fluid, flexible and responsive, thereby improving business intelligence, data warehouse and data mining applications.

Beta Scenario 2: Where the database search requirements cannot be known at design time, or where flexible and powerful ad hoc searches are required. Infobionics does not require extensive and costly up-front schema design; allows both metadata and raw data to be easily searched, and allows both structured data and unstructured data to be managed, navigated and queried. Infobionics also empowers users to go after data in many ways — search bars, data associations, data relationships, nodal mappings, set theory algorithms — while looking for hidden meaning and unexpected associations among data. This makes business intelligence, data warehouse and data mining applications more flexible.

Beta Scenario 3: Where both technical and end users want a consolidated view of the organization's metadata across the corporation. Infobionics provides a database foundation for a dynamic corporate metadata management system which can be the missing link that transforms corporate data from silos to a truly distributed corporate asset. As a result, business intelligence, data warehouse and data mining applications become more powerful.

Inspired By The Human Brain

The revolutionary Infobionics Cellular Database Management System is inspired by how the human brain constantly stores and retrieves information. By separating data from relationships among data, the Infobionics Cellular DBMS makes it easy for users to create, maintain and revise information without restructuring the entire data model and database. In addition, end users can use search bars and other powerful query tools to access data themselves. It surpasses current databases, which require a structured design, redesign, and data reloading after revisions. Much like human memory (and unlike existing database offerings), the innovative Infobionics Cellular DBMS accommodates continuous change, delivering on the promise of business intelligence.

How The Infobionics Cellular DBMS Works

The Infobionics Cellular Database Management System places information in individual Data Cells which can be flexibly compiled via Link Cells into an infinite number of Data Sets. The Infobionics Cellular DBMS also allows associative linking of data, such as what humans do when we associate "747" to "Boeing." With this database, data discovery becomes extremely flexible, and users can construct much more advanced queries without relying on scarce DBMS resources.

Reduces Cost Of Ownership

The powerful Infobionics Cellular DBMS substantially reduces the need for technical resources, thereby reducing the cost of ownership. Equally, current resources will be comfortable with the technology, since relational SQL will be a subset capability of cellular.

Contact Infobionics For Beta Site Info Or Demo

Corporate CIOs or knowledge managers wishing to submit a beta site request, or to receive a product demonstration, are invited to call Carl Bonta at +1-718-620-0318 or email carlbonta@infobionics.com, and visit http://www.infobionics.com.

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